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Friends, we’re going to talk about our military game (FAU-G) that’s Indian and if it’s new, we’re talking, too, like you know that this game was opened on 26th January and today, i.e. on 29th January, a new update has been made on the day we have to see some new stuff inside the game with PUBGM


So mates, something like PubG mobile exists there, but after the update it looks like the game is, if you’re not sure what’s happened after the date, I will tell you the first update that comes to us, we will play multiplayer and much more. The trailer display that took place repeatedly has been taken away during the military game, the second one has arrived, some boxes are fixed and the third is the final update on the same map. I got there and both of them wrote, all three cartes are now opened and we’re now able to play multiplayer military games as well and this is an online game!

You just have to walk to the game store and if you downloaded this game there will be a button update. How to upgrade a game, mates, how to upgrade your militarygame, or how simple it is. By clicking on the 450mb update, you can find your internet because the game is only 450mb. Friends, after you click the update there you can only respond. If your phone is iOS, then how do you do it, I’m going to download it? I can tell you that this game can be changed, firstly, you’re going to see this game there as an app that is our Apple store.

Where are you going to be when the pride goes? FAU-G: India War Game constructed on the northern border tops of India, an elite battle party for the pride and sovereignty of this country. Fearless and the Unified Guards are most audacious: this is a daunting job. Join the FAU-G Special Unit in the dangerous border zone on patrol. Come face to face with India’s enemies as you engage in the Indian soil with hostile invaders. Combating unforgivable land and uncharted enemies for life. Come and fill your shoes with the courage, fraternity and sacrifice of the citizens who protect the borders of the nation.

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Friends, I told you in this article all that did not come in a military game and if you liked this article, I’m surely going to speak with your friends about this article. If you want to ask something, if you would like to contact me, you can go and e-mail me, and then you have my e-mail ID in the contact side of the page!

The FAU-G action match was announced in November this year after the ban on the famous Battle Royale PUBG game. The game is developed and will be played in the Galwan Valley history by India’s mobile game publisher nCore Games.

Akshay Kumar posted the teaser of the next game on a Sunday, “Heading the triumph of good over bad we are celebrating today, and what a good day for our Fearless and United Guards, our FAU-G!

The one-minute teaser shows Indian jawans fighting without guns and offers an insight into FAU-G..

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