FAUG Game Launch Date | Faug Game Upcoming Updates – 2021

Fauji game launch date and Faug game release date is new trend on social media. Everyone wants to know when the FAUG game will finally launch. FAUJI GAME ki release date ko lekar khulasa unki company has been done by nCore games. In this article we will tell you FAUG GAME launch date, FAUJI game kab launch hoga, FAUJI game release date aur FAUG game release date in India. The entire article is on because TRAILER of FAUG (FAUJI) game has been launched tomorrow. Let’s know the whole news.

When the FAUG game will be launched, this question is trending all over India. As we all know, after PUBG statement, there was news about the self-sufficient India and the FAUG game in place of the pubg. The FAUG game is being produced by the Bangalore-based ncore games company. AfteR  


PUBG sister, India is a big market in Neem’s world and there was no other song to replace her. This caught a good eye in this company and announced the launch of the FAUG game after just 2 days.

Ever since  PUBG was banned in India, a company called nCore GAMES announced the FAU-G game! FAUG considered Fearless and United Guards which would be an Indian game. It is to be launched in November 2020

It is clear from the FAUG trailer that this game is based on the story of Galvan Valley between India and China. It showed how the Indian Army had defeated the Chinese Army. After FAUG GAME Taylor, a lot of things are coming out. FAUG GAME LAUNCH kab hoga and FAUG GAME LAUNCH DATE are the most searched all over Google and YouTube. Its trailer was also shared by Akshay Kumar on Twitter.

FAUG game What do I see That too became very clear after Taylor. It is being told that this game was based on the Galvan Valley of India and China, so no weapon will be used in it. Talking about graphics, that too can not be considered very good. Compared to the kind of graphic PUBG or other game, it is weak. Only after the entire game comes, it will be known whether FAUG game bhi will be able to trend like PUBG or not.

It is also a question of whether many people die PUBG aur FAUG same hai? Is there a difference between the two?

Yes of course the two games are different. PUBG is a battleground and you cannot use any weapon in FAUG game. It is a game running on both different scripts.


Important UPDATE:

FAUG Game has Been launched in STORE, Install it its free and Enjoy! You can Install it over here too FAU-G Apk and Fau-g OBB 

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