How we can Check A Game will Work on your PC?

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So hey everyone I am Dilip, and today in this post actually I will talk about some topic that I got too many DMs on my Instagram. the topic is that how to check whether a particular game will work on our PC something like that.

so in this article post I will show you how to check whether a particular PC game or a laptop like both are same how to check whether a particular game will work on your low and laptop for your low-end PC anything you have, Someshwar to read this article fully and support us.

there are many ways, like a there are a few ways like you can say many ways to check how to check particular game that will run on our computer with this is FpS something like that, actually I am going to say two ways that you can check that a particular game will work on your computer ok let’s start.

the first method to check is

1. Can you run it.

you will find more website you will find a lot of websites you can check your respective game will work on your computer or not by searching on Google can you run it particular website for first top of the website you see on Google search results , there type any game you want to check and there I will ask you to download some small application which will detect your PC tense in order to check whether that the particular game will work on your PC or not, so you can download that application and later it will automatically detect your computer graphic card computer processes or everything on your computer after detection it will really like it will say how Benchmarks will be on your computer like home Benchmarks how many FPS, whether it will run on your computer or not every detailed information will be displayed on that website so you can check by that I will suggest you the best website so you can check this website out where you can check like can you run it right you can check a particular game on your car whether it will work on your computer or not you can check out this website

>Over Here<

2. Check System Requirements of the Game.

and the most simple method is to simply check on Google that system requirements of a particular game like for example I will se system requirements of GTA V so there in Google search results they will display that respective game specifications on the Google so you can check out whether your PC meet that specifications. it will be good if your PC meets the specifications . if doesn’t , then you cant play that game on your computer you can play it but it will lag like something you know.

so thanks for watching guys I mean thanks for reading this article as you know I am getting lot of commands on my Instagram and I am getting lot of comments on my YouTube channel regarding this post is so I just made this article pose to help you guys so make sure to supported with your friends good bye.

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