How to PLAY Fortnite ON PC [GUIDE]

Fortnite is the latest game to flock to teens. It offers a knife-edge gun fight that requires practice, skill, teamwork and fast reactions. The challenge for parents is to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits from Fortnite. Screen time, stranger chat, anger at losing and rising costs may seem observable, but with the right advice, this is a game that parents can make healthy and valuable for their children.

What is the age rating for Fortnite?

In Guides, I provide a visual sum of rating information for Fortnite. The Video Standards Council in the UK rated Fortney as PEGI 12 for frequent scenes of mild violence. In the US the ESRB rate is suitable only for those 13 years and older as Fortnite Teen. ITunes is only suitable for children 12+ for frequent / intense cartoons or fantasy violence and preventive / mild therapy / treatment information. Parents know their children better than any rating body and can use this information to make an informed decision.

Manage in-app purchases

The game has considerable in-app purchases that you should be well aware of, and set a password on the credit card associated with the system.

Monitor who they are talking to

Along with suitability, it is worth checking the online communication settings on the game to ensure that children are not talking to strangers.

Setting time limits on Fortnite

Finally, it is important for the game to have some limitations in terms of playtime. This is something that you can agree with your child when you understand how the game works.

In the end, families will get the most from the game where the parents join and transform it from a few played in the bedroom to a game for the family room that everyone enjoys.

Available on iOS and Android devices

The game is also available to play now on iOS and Android (only available for download from the Fortnite website). Players can compete in these systems, although player controls are quite different on each and can disappoint the youth.

The game is also being replaced with new weapons and equipment. Most important is a new jetpack that allows players to fly and shoot at the same time.

While many of these tweaks will be more sensible to players of the game than parents, it is worth maintaining development in the game to be aware of the possible costs. It is also good for parents to talk to children about the game and how they can enjoy it.

What’s New in Fortnite?

As Fortnite’s popularity continues to grow, the game is being updated and expanded to keep players interested.

Recently launched with Fortnite Chapter 2, it includes a new map for the wildly popular ‘Battle Royal’ mode. Fortnite – The creators of Epic have removed a ton of weapons from the game to simplify the game’s fire fights. Players will also see a new map, more water-based activities, improved character skins, and a more streamlined arsenal of weapons, with Fortnite promising to be the best.

There is also a new split-screen feature, allowing two players to enjoy the game’s ‘Battle Royal’ mode on the same screen. Split-screen gameplay is only available on the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

While the battle pass was present in the first chapter, Fortnite: Chapter 2 makes it easy to track your progress while playing your on-screen notifications, and overall it seems a little easier to achieve the target. Epic also plans a rolling change to Fortnite’s $ 40 ‘Save the World’ game mode, which teams players to take waves of computer-controlled enemies. The game’s competitive tournament series for hardcore players will resume soon, and “Chapter 2” introduced a ‘squad arena’ mode to team up players and play in more serious matches.

In-purchase ‘Battle Pass’

For parents, it is important to know that although the game is free, players need to purchase a Battle Pass to take full advantage of these extensions. They are then helped to win new outfits, characters and dresses.

Although you can use some benefits with a free pass, children will need a Battle Pass paid for the best prizes. It is priced at 950 V-Buck which translates to around £ 8 / $ 9.50.

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