How to Change Server in PUBG Mobile Before 60 Days

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Step by step instructions to Change Server In Pubg Without Waiting 60 Days. Truly Friends, today I will give you all data about this. As all of you will realize that since the new period of PUBG Mobile has come. That is, since season 16 has come, there has been an update in PUBG Mobile that now in the event that you change your worker once, at that point after that you can change a similar worker again for 60 days. Need to pause 

How to Change Server in PUBG Mobile Before 60 Days

In such a circumstance, there are a significant number of our siblings who change their game and make the most of their game and they didn’t have a clue and they changed their worker. What’s more, presently each one of those individuals need him to begin playing the game again in his default worker wherein he used to play before. 

However, the issue here is that how might you change that worker in your PUBG versatile before 60 days. Today I will give you all the data about this, I will educate you concerning an excellent stunt. 

Along these lines, companions, presently let me reveal to you how to change worker in pubg without holding up 60 days. See for this I have appended some screen captures beneath, so you can see the screen capture. Aside from this, I will likewise advise you by composing underneath, in what way you will get things done. 

Seeing the screen capture, you will see very well how to change the worker in your game without sitting tight for 60 days. 

Most importantly you need to open your game, subsequent to opening, you need to go to the settings of the game where you need to go to the designs box or some other setting alternative. 

Here you will see a choice of Logout in the base side, you will get the choice of Support close to that logout choice, that is, you need to tap on the contact. 

After this, here you need to choose the mission as appeared in the photograph beneath. 

After that an article will open before you, in which beneath you will see YES and NO choices, out of which you need to choose NO. 

After this, you will get a get in touch with US choice here, you need to tap on it. 

After this, you will be asked what you need assistance, at that point you need to compose there that you have changed your worker unintentionally, at that point you need to improve it as appeared in the photograph underneath. 

Furthermore, from that point forward, following the manner in which I have shared the screen captures underneath, you need to talk with them, inside 1 to 2 days, you will get a mail from Publi and there you will have the option to change your worker 

This is the first screen capture in which you need to follow this 5 stages. After this, I have shared another screen capture beneath, taking a gander at it, you need to visit with the help group of Pabji. You need to do composing here just and just a single time, after that you will get the alternative for programmed from the help group, at that point the dad needs to choose and send the on choice. 

So in this manner you can undoubtedly change your PUBG Mobile worker inside 1 Day. 


In this article, I revealed to you how to change worker in pubg without holding up 60 days. On the off chance that you like this article, at that point certainly share it with your companions. In the event that you are as yet having a disarray, your worker is as yet not changing, at that point you can advise us by remarking underneath and we will help you. 

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