Facts about GTA V You Probably DONT KNOW!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is full of really bizarre moments, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them. Hi folks, its Dilip Gamesstuffz here and today on Gamesstuffz.in. I will Show You 10 Top Grand Theft Auto five facts you probably didn’t know. 

Starting off at number 10. 

I find this really interesting because it’s hilarious. A grand theft auto five character carries at any given time for pistols to MGS three MPs, three assault rifles, one sniper rifle, three shotguns, one grenade launcher, 25, sticky bombs, grenades and tear gas grenades and 100 liter canisters of fuel. 

Figured out how much all of this would weigh. Roughly, of course, I don’t know how relative to real world weapons these are but like the four pistols he assumes were a certain amount of grams, etc, etc. And it all comes out to wait 7531 pounds. That’s a fully armed Grand Theft Auto character. That’s like nearly four tonnes, about three point 75 tonnes. So then the real question is, why can’t you pick cars up and throw them like the Hulk? I mean, there’s a mod to do that. 

And Grand Theft Auto but why can’t you just do that in the vanilla game? You should be able to you know, man, I’m talking about for realism sake here, guys. Yeah, so if this information never gets back to rock star, I hope they don’t go, Oh, wait, that’s really messed up. We shouldn’t do that. That’s so unrealistic. I don’t want it to be realistic. I’m perfectly fine with being able to carry 7000 plus pounds of weapons around. 

(In my opinion, that’s part of the charm). 

Moving on to number nine. 

In the beginning of the mission called fresh meat. Trevor meets up with Franklin at his house. And in order to do that, for whatever reason, he jumps over a fence. Now what’s interesting to know about Grand Theft Auto is that the voice actors are not just a voice actors. They also did all the motion capture work. And when Steven Ogg the actor who was playing Trevor fell flat on his face over the fence. It was an accident. 

And in fact, the entire exchange that took place afterwards was an accident, Shawn fantino just started laughing because he fell and Steven odd didn’t break character. Although if you’re looking carefully at both of their faces during the scene, you’ll notice they are trying to hide some laughter. It’s particularly clear at a point where Trevor is just basically moving his face for no reason. What’s going on is Steven Ogg is basically trying not to laugh, which is awesome. Like it really works. Trevor looks like an absolute lunatic here in exactly the way he’s supposed to. So even though technically they were trying not to laugh, the way that it worked, works really well. 

And moving on to number eight

A couple of Reddit users figured out several things regarding the time in Grand Theft Auto five, Kirin d 9503, figured out that since a Grand Theft Auto day is 48 minutes than a year is in fact, 17,520 minutes, meaning a year in Grand Theft Auto five is 12 and a quarter days in real life. 

Another user Dunkin Donuts, did the math to figure out how long Grand Theft Auto Online has been going on using this time scale, and in game, and at the time, he did the math, there had been 175 years that had passed in Grand Theft Auto Online. Now keeping in mind about a month has passed since he did the post. So it’s gonna be a little bit more than that. But the specific thing he’s talking about in the post is how long the skyscraper has been under construction, which is, obviously 175 years at that point in time, he did the math, which I mean, it does seem like some buildings take a very long time to get completed, but 175 years, that’s some lazy land developers, they are.

moving on to number seven

A long term study of what playing Grand Theft Auto every single day does conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the university clinic, Hamburg eppendorf. In Germany, determined that two months of daily GTA causes no significant changes in behavior. 

Now, the big difference between this study and other studies that are similar is that they did not spend their time just finding out what people did after they played again, what they found was that yes, playing a game would often cause you to become maybe a little bit more aggressive for a few minutes because you’ve got adrenaline flowing, depending on the content of what you’re playing at the moment. Obviously, lesser intense Grand Theft Auto moments didn’t cause this. But what’s more important to this study is the overall effect in totality that it has on a person over a period of time and it’s not significant. I mean, a kind of thing. Basically, anybody can tell you that

game doesn’t really prime people to become something unless they literally have never done any other things. Because it’s the conditions of their actual life that Prime them to do things that often get blamed on media. And there’s really no one at all who literally has, from the time they were born, only played Grand Theft Auto.

Moving on to number six:

Were you aware that you could actually waste more time by sleeping as a different character? If indeed, that’s what you need to do? See, here’s the thing, if you sleep is Michael, you’re going to sleep for six hours. Now anybody can tell you that six hours is not enough time to sleep. However, that’s what Michael does. Franklin, on the other hand, has a nice healthy sleep cycle at eight hours. And our man Trevor, he sleeps 12 hours a day. 

So while these things may not seem to be that important when you’re thinking about it, in fact, it can be used in case you haven’t beaten the main story and need money from some properties or have some business going. I mean, there’s a lot of passive income that happens during the course of the game, and oftentimes waiting for it is tedious. So all you need to do then is go to sleep is Trevor and you’re going to waste as much time as possible. Or similarly if you just need to pass six hours, Michael’s the right catnap for you. And I’ve just wanted to be a boring old normal person. Sleep for eight hours is Franklin who apparently has healthy sleep habits.

And coming in at number five:

the voice actor who played Franklin in Grand Theft Auto five is hardcore. There’s no other way to put it. His real name is Sean Darnell fantino. And he goes by the name solo for his rap career. And in a mini documentary he talked about the house he grew up in it flat out sounds like something out of Grand Theft Auto listing off shootouts, people kicking in doors, selling crack out of the front door, and basically doing anything that’s possible to get by little known fact. 

He’s also in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas credited as solo, he played the Grove Street family’s member tar Now, interestingly enough, he’s actually also the cousin of young Malay, who voice CJ from San Andres. And they actually lived in and around neighborhoods that were used as the basis for that area of Los Santos in both games. 

Moving on to number four.

Remember how I said Steven Ogg does a lot of well, strange things staying in character like improvising an absolutely insane reaction to falling over that fence. Not only did he say that he’s inspired by Tom Hardy’s performance and Bronson, but he also recorded a lot of his lines just in his underwear because Trevor is often just in his underwear. 

I’m looking forward to the snowpiercer series that he’s in because frankly, it’s just impossible to look at him as anything other than Trevor. The same thing goes for when he was on the walking dead, because like the image of Trevor in his underwear for as long as Trevor is in his underwear, is like burned into your head. Trevor looks like Steven og. So when you see Steven og in real life, it’s like seeing Trevor and he’s the voice of Trevor. So I mean, it’s wild. Just try to watch the Walking Dead tried to do it, you’re gonna see Trevor in his underwear the whole time. 

Moving on to number three. 

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto five was the number one selling game in the week ending June 2 2019. That’s six years after release is the top selling game in the UK, a full country, just cuz Grand Theft Auto is obviously an incredibly selling game. Over the years, it has been in the top 20 games, and not only the UK, but the US as well in every month since its release in September 2013. But one, there are over 110 million copies sold. Its launch broke seven Guinness World Records. And in 2018, it was reported to be the most profitable entertainment product of all time, having brought in $6 billion. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out why. But that’s just incredibly impressive. 

Moving on to number two.

Did you know that a bunch of companies that are trying to make driverless cars are not able to get enough data from real world traffic to build their car AI fast enough. So instead, they’re relying on Grand Theft Auto five, and it’s hyper realistic environment to generate data about exactly how a car might work in traffic. Now, obviously, traffic in Grand Theft Auto is not exactly the same thing as real life. However, filling it out with real life data combining the two has actually been producing very good results for them. Now, I’m not going to say that my immediate agenda involves getting a driverless car, but someday, maybe, I don’t know. It’s kind of a scary prospect. But it’s cool that Grand Theft Auto five is actually helping in the idea, it may get better. 

And finally, number one, the way the story

For Grand Theft Auto was created as a several musical artists were enlisted to make soundtracks for each of the different protagonists Tangerine Dream if you’re familiar with the German music pioneers, and if you like electronic music, frankly you should be did an amazing job basically scoring Michael’s midlife crisis, hip hop production duo Ono and Alchemist handle Franklin and Woody Jackson of Red Dead Redemption fan, the guy who did the music, they’re scored Trevor Phillips. And this approach really works well. They all have very distinct flavors in their music and the game takes on their musical ambience as you play as each character. It’s brilliant. It was such a good move, and it produced such a just inherently enjoyable experience that I hope that if they do end up going and multiple protagonists next time around, they follow the same approach. 

It works really well. And a quick bonus before we end a man in London who is on his way home from the local Asda which is their equivalent of Walmart for all the Americans out there and was stabbed and they took his copy of Grand Theft Auto they hit him with a brick and stabbed him and took Grand Theft Auto from him. I don’t know what else to like, say that sucks so much. He was luckily not permanently injured and recovered fairly quickly. But Wow, what’s your favorite thing about Grand Theft Auto five? Leave us a comment. Let us know what you think. And if you liked this video, please click like if you’re not subscribed, now’s a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week. And the best way to see them first is of course a subscription. So click subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell. As always, thank you very much for watching this video. I’m Falcon. You can follow me on twitter at Falcon the hero and we’ll see you next time right here on game ranks.

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