GTA 5 Quantv 3.0 Mod Purchase

Mod description from the Original Site!

Hi, I’m the author of QuantV, a graphic overhaul with a complete timecycle made from scratch and .asi script to control in-game graphic effects (and also a Trainer).
I also made a tool for ENBSeries called ENBFeeder to help other modders to extend ENB features with useful game data such as world view matrices, weather/region, sun&moon position, etc.

I’m currently working on QuantV 3.0.0 (since early 2018), and will be published when is finished but in the mean time a lot of cool ideas arised and I started working on too many and too complex effects so development is getting slower than expected so please be patient.
Because of that, I decided to share early access of QV3 beta builds with the people who wants to support the development process so I can get quality feedback and update current effects so they don’t get outdated for the final version.

Link: Buy Quantv 3.0 LATEST Release

Please feel welcome, and thanks for supporting!


For requests or more info:
discord: Quant#1697

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