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Fresh off the boat from Europe, Niko Bellic hopes to escape his past. His cousin Roman’s vision is to find fortune together in Liberty City, the gateway to the land of opportunity.

The couple discovers that reality is very different from the dream when they get sucked into the criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves, and sociopaths in a city that worships money and status and is heaven for those with them and hell for those without.

Niko Bellic, the game’s first prominent protagonist who hails from a nation other than the United States, is set up in the game’s opening line to join the country and offer a more critical assessment of American culture than previous key characters have. The deeper meaning of Grand Theft Auto IV revolves around Niko’s personal philosophy, and his frank and direct criticisms of American culture and life, in general, make the deeper themes much simpler to grasp and comprehend. Niko is typically shown to be in the right, but he is also demonstrated to be too pessimistic, giving room for interpretation on the part of the viewer. The game and its extremely intricate plot deal with a number of themes

Download GTA 4 for PC Highly Compressed

GTA IV was released in December 2008 for Windows. It receives favorable comments and garners numerous game awards. Within twenty-four hours of its release, the game sold 3.6 million copies. One of the games sold over 8.5 million copies when it was released.

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How to Download GTA 4 for PC Highly compressed PC

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