[Optimized] GTA 4 Lag Fixed For 2GB Ram, 4GB Ram, 8GB Ram – Download Free

Get GTA 4 Lag fix game without making any changes, It’s Pre-Lag Fixed Game I’m providing in this post. I provided GTA 4 Lag fix for 2GB ram, 4GB ram, 8GB ram for all PCs.

GTA 4 Lag Fix

In this GTA 4, the game is modified. I preinstalled the Lag fix tweak in this game, So you just have to download and play this game without lag!

Changes are done in this game-

  1. Installed 100 FPS+ Tweak config file in this game.
  2. Modified this game for 2GB Ram, 4GB Ram, 8GB Ram PCs.
  3. GTA 4 lag fix best commandline file also installed in this Game.

How to Download GTA 4 Game (Optmized):

You can download the game over here, the blue color text is a direct link to download the game without any errors. If it helped a lot, consider helping me out by sharing posts.

Here’s the link – GTA 4 Lag Fixed for 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM

Laptop Spec in Which GTA 4 got 100+ fps

  • AMD Processor (old one)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM

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