GTA 5 to GTA Vice City Mod Download pc

Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityGTA Vice City Modern v.2.0 – Game modDownload

GTA 5 to GTA Vice City Mod Download pcGTA 5 to GTA Vice City Mod Download pc

The following is the author’s description:

Taking into account the modern Miami theme, this is a modified version of Vice City. Modifications have been made so that it looks like Modern Vice City. When I was 13 years old, I started this project just for fun, but it became quite popular with over 1 million downloads, so now I’m updating it whenever I have time.


Enhancements to graphics

There are skygfx, Limit Adjuster, 2dfx, High Draw Distance of cars and buildings, Multi Sets, ENB reflections adjusted for skygfx, Occlusion, Water Reflection, Depth BIAS, Smooth Shadows, Anti Aliasing, Depth Of Field, No Bloom, Ultra HD particles and effects, trails, Ultra HD Water, Weather, Sky, Rain and many more…

Enhancements to textures

A lot of textures have been upgraded in old buildings, as well as roads, pavements, and grass to adapt to modern atmospheres.

Pedestrians And Cars

All pedestrians are HD, realistic, and look like GTA All vehicles have been changed, with sports cars, luxury cars, sports bikes, and with those graphics applied, it looks ultra HD.

Mods not listed above

You can switch weapons and radio stations just like in GTA 5, and you can bring out or bring in the mobile phone by pressing P. First Person View has also been added, you can switch to it by pressing V. GTA 5 character animation has also been added, you can walk while firing a weapon while jumping, and swimming. Cleo has also been added, along with parkour. Vegetation, such as trees and grass, have also been changed to look more HD, and many dull building textures have been changed to look more HD. The camera movement is similar to GTA 5, with squares and HD radar.


In addition, the most common bug of mouse clicks and cursors has been fixed. File loading and saving problems have also been fixed. Minor bugs related to Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 have also been fixed.

Download mod

Here’s how to install:

Step 1: Extract the archive into the original Vice City Directory.

Step 2: Replacing all files with the new ones.

Launch the game by clicking on gta-vc.exe.

In addition, you will need to download and install the Visual C++ and DirectX Redistributable Packages.

CLEO files are activated by pressing the following keys

? Use stinger only in cars by pressing R+LMB.

? Press G to sit next to the passenger.

? If you have a low-end PC, press Shift+F10 to disable other graphical effects.

? The Standing Vice Point can also be used for saving the game, and the interior is also open!

? Players can also parkour in first person by pressing V.? Mobile can also be used by pressing P.

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