Top 5 Best Open-World games for 1 GB RAM

There are few genres found in gaming that are as popular as open-world games. Consisting of a vast open-world that can be explored at will by the player, games of this genre give a whole new experience for the players to cherish.

Open-world gameplay has been present in some of the best video games ever made, like GTA and the Witcher 3. The following games will work on a PC that only has 1 GB of RAM if you are looking for a low-end, open-world game.

Top 5 best open-world games for 1 GB RAM

1-Godfather 2

In the video game, Dominic, Don of the Corleone family, follows the story from the movie, Godfather 2. The game falls under the genre of GTA-like games and, thus, has a vast open-world available for the players to explore.

The gameplay in this great RPG will keep you occupied for hours, and you’ll still have some time left over for exploration.


In addition to being an action-adventure title, the prototype has an open-world design. The gameplay takes place in a fictional Manhattan where an amnesiac shapeshifter tries to save the city from a plague that turns people into monsters.

In addition to combating opponents and the mysterious Blackwatch, players can also freely roam Manhattan streets.

3-GTA San Andreas

There are many GTA games that can be played with just 1 GB of RAM, but GTA San Andreas may be the best. Getting back into his gang’s game is the focus of Carl Johnson’s experience upon his return to Los Santos.

There is a lot to do in GTA San Andreas because it’s an open-world game, where you can steal cars, get weapons, fulfill missions, and just relax.

4-Saints Row 2

In addition to offering an open-world experience, Saints Row 2 is an action-adventure game featuring a different style of gameplay than the GTA series.

Your protagonist will be leading you through the streets of Stillwater, where gangs are attempting to topple your position.

5-Gothic 3

Gothic 3 is an open-world fantasy game set in a fantasy world. The mechanics of the game are dependent on reputation, which is earned by battling monsters and completing quests.

Players can explore a vast open world. In addition, you can join various kinds of factions in the game to progress your story.

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