Directx 2.0 Download for GTA San Andreas PC

Maxim and Boris spent nearly two years developing graphics and all the hype and anticipation was not in vain. In addition to delicious pictures, you will receive an excellent improvement, in which you can not only travel through San Andreas in search of beautiful landscapes, but also go through a new story with a new graphic component.

It is not recommended to install the mod with automatic installation.
In the game settings, turn off the vertical sync box (VSync or “Frame Rate Limiter”).
It also sets the standard for the brightness of the game.


1) In Preset, select the configuration for your computer (High, Medium, Low). Auto select High (High).
2) Move the files and folders in the specified settings to the root of the game (if you installed the installer on the CD, first remove the already installed files).


If you want to install DoF, the “Depth of Field” folder is the “enbseries” folder on top of an already installed file. Put this folder in the root of the game.

Separately, there is a Bun “Optimizer” that adds some FPS.

Startup problems and solutions:

1) The game may not start with a new ENB. Solution: Remove the previous settings from the game.
Go to Documents -> GTA San Andreas User Files -> and delete the gta_sa.set file
2) If you have Windows 10, go to the Fix Problems Win 10 folder.
There is everything you need to troubleshoot using the video instructions on the link.

Known issues and errors:

In the new SA_DirectX version, chrome has been added to the car. This is a shader test.
So, if it gets you into trouble, just tap on the role of the game, go in and find the enbvehicle tab.
There you will find a checkmark before Chrome: Enable. Take it off and the chrome won’t do that.


To customize SA_DirectX, press the shift key within the game.
Then select the tab you want and rotate the settings.

Download Directx 2.0 Mod

Description of the main configuration:

  • Anaglyph effect.txt settings, vignettes, fish-eye effect.
  • Prepare enbbloom bloom
  • enbdepthoffield – Motion Blur Settings
  • enbeffect game settings panel (contrast, saturation, etc.)
  • Luminance: light settings, sky, clouds, puddles (puddles)
  • enbvehicle – automatic configuration
  • enbwater – water settings
  • DOF enbeffectprepass settings (if you include it in the game).

For all questions, go to the author of the fashion in the evening
Author: XMakarusX, Boris Voronsov
Author’s website:

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