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While developer Rockstar Games hasn’t officially announced GTA 6, it looks like a potential event. After all, GTA 5 and its online multiplayer component, GTA Online, is still one of the most played games ever. Additionally, the duo is also one of the best-selling games of all time. If this does not require a supplement, what should you do?

Another gossip is that GTA 6 may launch in October 2023 and be set in Miami. This is from a questionable source online, but additional details from that leak include one male protagonist, with the game starting in the 1970s, with a separate story like Red Dead Redemption 2. Combine that with Rockstar to excite fans with the official Rockstar support account telling us “stay tuned” updates GTA 6 is on Twitter and it would still be much more exciting.

According to Kotaku’s report, “A new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series” is in development early as of April 2020. This report also suggested that we can expect to see a smaller launch, with the game expanding through updates in MMO or GTA Online game fashion.

The timing of the development means that expecting the game to be a PS5 and Xbox Series X is a sure bet, and the release of GTA 5 redesigned for PS5 in 2021 indicates that we may wait until at least 2022 for GTA 6.

Keep reading for all the teas about the internet, which we’ve linked to some particularly enthusiastic theories from the GamesRadar team. To satisfy your appetite, below you will find everything we know about GTA 6, from the number of characters that can be played to the possible locations, thanks to the influx of information from an alleged leak of GTA 6 Project Americas. Get reading!

When GTA 6 Will Launch in India?

By My Opinion GTA 6 Will Launch in India Maybe 2022 – 2023. But Overall Chances will be in 2022.

According to the rumor mill, GTA 6 will be primarily based inside Vice City and a new city based in Rio de Janeiro. Some rumors also suggest Liberty City will make a comeback in the game, but only in a few select areas. Liberty City will not be an open world experience, allowing players to access only a few areas

On which platforms will it be launched?

GTA 6 is said to be initially released on the next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5. It won’t make its way to older, generic consoles.

PC players will again have to wait for the release of the game, just like GTA 4 and GTA 5.

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