20 Fun Interesting Facts and Information of GTA 5 – GTA V Facts

20 fun interesting facts and information related to GTA V:

If you love the world of games very much, then you must have played GTA games in computer or Cyber ​​Cafe in your childhood. At that time, the logo of GTA Games was very crazy. People used to be very crazy behind this game. Everyone just loved playing GTA all day. And that madness is not over yet, still intact.

GTA V Facts

Friends, not only children, they also play this game with great fun. Today GTA V game is very much liked all over the world. So today we will know some unique interesting fun facts and information related to GTA V games.

1. Rockstar North is a world-famous GTA V game, and published by Rockstar Games.

2. Rockstar is a company from North Scotland, and was acquired by Rockstar Games in 2002.

3. Rockstar North First DMA Design Ltd. Was known as

4. Rockstar North has been producing Grand Theft Auto series games since 1997.

5. A company of Rockstar is also present in the country of India, which is known as Rockstar India.

6. Rockstar India’s office was opened in 2016 in Bangalore.

7. GTA V game was released on PS3 and XBOX 360 in 2013.

8. The GTA V game was released in 2014 on PS4 and XBOX1.

9. Finally in 2015 the GTA V game was also released on the WINDOW platform of MICROSOFT.

10. Seven years after GTA V (GTA IV) was released on PC.

11. The game spread so much buzz even before its release, that the game became the fastest selling entertainment product as soon as it was released.

12. GTA V earned $ 800 million on the first day by selling 1.21 million copies.

13. Prior to the release of GTA V, according to a survey by The Guardian, 14 percent of British people said that they would excuse an illness in the office. So that you can buy and play this game on the first day. Not only this, people from all over the world had made excuses for playing this game. So that he can buy this game.

14. GTA V was named GTA-FLU as a joke after seeing so much craziness.

15. Japan’s very Prestigious Magazine Femitsu has also given A + ratings to only two games to date. One is GTA V and the other is SKY RIM.

16. Rockstar started making this game in 2008 itself. And it was done by a team of 1000 people in 5 years.

17. 270 million were shed like water to make this game.

18. GTA V is the most expensive game ever.

19. This game is so detailed, that many teams were formed to capture one of its details, who used to go to different areas of California and go there to do photography and videography and then those photos and videos of GTA Used to give designs to the team. So that the design team can make such a game by monitoring those photos and videos. Which can make the players feel like a real life.

20. GTA V has won 35 awards in total.

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