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What is the blacklight virus inprototype why is it so dangerous and why was it created before we get to that wehad to look at where it came from the origins of this pathogen stem from theoriginal virus called the red light virus the red light virus was created byBlack Watch and its purpose was being used as a bioweapon this was incombination to the other directive to protect America from biological weaponsBlackwatch is not a company but more of a special forces unit that responds toviral outbreaks they were established in 1962 and have full authority overAmerican military forces and the local police the first variant of the viralstrand was the red light virus codenamed DX – one one one eight a this took placein the artificial town called hope located in Idaho there were two viralprograms conducted here carnival one was a Black Watch project they would givethe red light virus to chimpanzees this was a way of seeing if it was suitablefor human trials later on and to their surprise the chimps would gainheightened intelligence increased strength and a few other symptomscarnival 2 was the project name for human trials at first nothing happenedbut the children born from these families were different they alsocarried something else the virus infected them in the mother’s womb thevirus was trying to achieve something within their bodies but it kept failingthey would not live longer than three years then in the year 1969 the perfecthost was found Elizabeth Green because of her genetic makeup she was able toadapt to the virus and over time her body would produce a new strain of thevirus along with being given superhuman abilities she also gave birth to a childwho was codenamed pariah while Elizabeth’s body was creating differentstrains of the virus pariah was the result of the virus bonding with theperfect body not there any artificial meansit was simply born with the virus the whole purpose of the town Hope waspossibly to create the ultimate life form even though the town was a mask forsecret experiments Elizabeth and her child were then takenfrom the town right before it was destroyed this was part of Projectaltruistic it was covered up by saying the local groups formed a riot againstthe military Elizabeth would then be transferred to different facilities overthe years until finally ending up as a Gentek building in Manhattanthe virus affected her body to stop her aging process but action produced invirus strains daily her brain shut down she was kept for future experimentationand gene manipulation this would later result in the creation of new infectedbeings like hunters walkers and hydras all of them behaving in different waysbut they all shared the same hostility towards other beings Alex Mercer was aresearch scientist working for Gentek then after ten years he was able tosynthesize a new viral string called the blacklight virus also known as theMercer virus or dx11 180c throughout his time at Jen Tech Alex would also becurious as to the origins of the original virus and so he started digginginto the files but Gentek was aware of his suspicions and so they sent the teamto eliminate him he was now a liability when they located himAlex was cornered against a wall and so he released the virus upon Manhattan butin doing so it also infected his body he started to change the virus was acontagious agent that caused evolutionary chimeric mutations andacted as a retrovirus able to insert its own genetic code into the cells of thehost the next process would include replicating other segments of theorganisms DNA because these changes are too drastic most subjects would notsurvive due to massive organ failure and cell saturation Alex Mercer’s body didsurvive the infection he was then given superhuman abilities in the process ableto shape-shift his appearance to male or female transformed parts of his bodyinto bladed or hardened weapons his durability physical strength reflexesand speed were also increased any damaged tissue could regenerate veryquickly black life beings could consume the bodies of other life forms theywould also gain access to their memories a lot of timesAlex was haunted by the screaming visions of the people he consumed blacklight life forms can also gain some abilities when they consume other lifeforms they would also inherit the antibodies of other creatures that areimmune to parasites this happened when Alex was injected by a parasite that wasmeant to destroy his body but he found a cure within another hunter creaturethanks to dr. Ragland Alex Mercer was seen to have an enhanced form a visionsimilar to thermal heat signatures other blacklight creatures could havedeveloped another form of special vision the game was titled prototype as it wasa reference to Alex Mercer he was the first of a model or species when itcomes to the black light creatures Gentek will make an attempt at stoppingAlex Mercer by creating a new strain of the blacklight virus the Deacs – one onetwo zero strain would create super soldiers also known as decode soldiersalong with the standard weapon and an infection detection device they gainincredible strength endurance and a rapid healing ability during the storyof the first game Alex does run into Elizabeth Green when searching for moreanswers about the virus and its origins she manages to escape her holding celland releases hunters upon the city but by the end of the story she getsinjected by a parasite from Alex but her body rejects it conforms the super orsupreme hunter Elizabeth ends up getting consumed by Alex and he later defeatsthe super hunter or supreme hunter the story of prototype 2 introduces us toJames Heller his squad of Marines are sent into the red zone of New York CityJames was enraged when he learned that Alex Mercer was the reason his wife hadpassed away the infection the creatures in the city the viral outbreak it wasall because of Alex while the virus outbreak is affecting the entire cityJames comes into contact with Alex Mercer being a highly skilled marine hebeats Mercer only for the virus to regenerate any wounds Mercer sufferedHeller later gets infected by Mercer by the blacklight virus this was a way ofMercer recruiting someone else to help him to fight against Gentek but Jameswas not the only one there were others Mercer was working on a plan to createor evolve like him Alex ends up capturing thedaughter of James believing she’ll become the mother of the new world thisis because her DNA is resilient to the virus the story in prototype 2 alsomentioned something about white light it was intended to be a cure but when AlexMercer’s blood tainted it it would turn any black light creature into an evolvedform and just like him Alex Mercer wanted to create a world with one beingone mind if all the tainted white light was released it would spread theinfection of evolved creatures this would then speed the process of AlexMercer’s plans by the end of the story James and Alex engage in a final battlewith James coming out victorious all he wanted was to find his daughter and Alexhad that information after he consumed Alex’s body he became more powerful anduse his tendrils to absorb other creatures across the city this would endthe outbreak of the blacklight virus in the city he ends up finding his daughterand they are reunited at first she is scared of his mutation but later acceptshim so that covers some history of the blacklight virus.

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