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Hi everyone. I’m GTA Loyalty and be welcome to the Demo Trailer of GTA SA: Marvel’s Spiderman In this demo we will be showing the basic and normal features of this new DYOM project, that is almost ‘Total conversion’ You will be noticing the new animations and movement of Spider-Man. So as the 3D Map Blips In some of those we have the Side Mission’s Icon the Story Mode Mission’s Icon And the Gang Hideout’s Icon However, this time we’re not going to take any of this, because we are going to focus on one the key points of this big mod… The Free Roam Missions Spider-Man: What’s up, MJ? Is there anything up today? MJ: Yeah, look… As you can see, we just called Mary Jane: the Peter’s friend in this story. She just gave us a report of criminals that are on foot, and we’ve got to stop them.

It is remarkable too, the web swinging of Spider-Man Which will provide you a total-control and comfort in your movements while-air. The Spider-Man combat system allows him give simple hits, advanced hits in slow motion and throw webs to the enemies to paralyze them for a few seconds. We just recieve the ‘More criminals in coming’ signal If you have paid the enough attention, you have realize that when we started the mission, a soundtrack started playing. In total we have three types of missions, with more than 40 variations.

Each type of mission, includes its own soundtrack. When we receive the ‘New activity reported’ message We’ll have to look for some other criminals that are on foot too So we are going to get them in another part of the city. It’s worth highlighting, that San Fierro is more active than ever with new vehicles on the streets, more people on the sidewalks And one to another random event that we will find. Spider-Man will have a new capacity which is called ‘Fame’ This ‘Fame’ will allows Spider-Man to be more known in the city so it’s going to be taken seriously, and he would solve crimes easier. Doing a little emphasize, those crime missions are completely random We can do them while we are relaxing on the city and we just want to pause the story or side missions. And of course, these are non-activable while we are doing a mission. Only on Free Roam.

We have finished the task. As you can see, we’ve gain some money and a punctuation of Fame. With each mission, we’re going to gain rewards that will help us to progress. San Fierro is fully restyled, welcome to 2019. We would find new locations, more buildings, details, and much more. In this new modification of GTA Loyalty We’re going to find novelties details. Filled of re-gameplay, challenges, fun, and much, much more. With a new story mode of +3 hours of gameplay Comfort, simple and useful movements We are going to get into the skin of Peter Parker To save the city of San Fierro with a lot of style. See you this February 8th Where in this channel it’s going to place of the launch of… GTA SA: Marvel’s Spiderman February 8th.

PC Requirements OF GTA San Andreas

Processor : Intel Pentium 3 or Athlon Similar
Speed GHZ: 1.0 Ghz
RAM : 256MB is Enough .
OS : Windows 2000/XP or Higher
GPU : 64 MB DirectX 8.1 is Good (NVIDIA GeForce 3 or Higher)

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Softwares Which will Prevent Errors:
Type “spider” to Activate this mod. You will find 3 Characters, Select any one and Enjoy..
for more Movements – Web Shoot KEYS you will find it in The MOD File

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