GTA Vice City Graphics RAGE Mode for Low-End PC | GTA Vice City Rage MOD

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Oh look who it is st. Victor of Vance noolder than thou killer Vic you deserve good things honey areyou a comedian I heard about you mr. big and I’m yourbrother you can trust me you’re wonderful a wonderful drug dealand even murderer look Lance I am a long way from being a good guy this is a real man with a lot of wallswe were to cross crane you trustworthy friend let’s sayprobably not so here is to Boyd be a nice to meet usI’ve heard a lot about you now I’ll add someone who is it themissing link I’m gonna give you a shot gets Pashatouring flower right what’s poppin isn’t that what you guys say what’s poppinthis is Lance Vance date it’s 1954 darling what above man know what I do ours is gonna be a party what do ladies and gentlemen Phil says you guys might have some workfor me I’m big fans you wanna hear about a plan that is going to make us threevery rich business is hard this industry is full of criminalsthat’s the deal with the drug trade attracts the wrong sort I told you not to get a sense so deepyou want me to kill you now no problem it’s whatever the gain interested inthat side of the business unfortunately you don’t have a choice hey Victor Vance did anyone ever tellyou got a really dumb name you wanna hear a battle plan it is goingto make us three very rich berries everything sorted for tonight my dougelaflies over ah I’m more worried about someone blowingme away let’s say what are you doing you don’t sound so pleased I’ll give you a chance one chance I’m big things oh you’re a bony bigdance real me.

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