[600MB] Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 Review and Download for PC / Laptop

Game Information:

The Criterion-developed reimagining of Need for Speed: Most Wanted serves almost more as a continuation to Burnout rather than re make of the 2005 original. There isn’t any deep customization, no destructiblecop-stoppers and there certainly aren’t any live-action cutscenes. So what makes it a game worthy of the “MostWanted” name? If there’s one thing that makes 2012’sMost Wanted special, it’s the game’s incredible sense of speed. The game’s dynamic camera movement and amazingsound design really give the player a feeling of velocity that’s hard to top. Powershot nitrous is one of the game’s mechanicsthat most exemplifies this.

The sound of tires screeching during a high-speeddrift is one thing, but a button press that turns the whole world into a blur? Now that’s a feeling that’s hard to put intowords other than ‘pure dopamine.’ Most Wanted’s visuals, while so-so whenstationary, look gorgeous when cruising the open world. Most Wanted has a great amount of detail,especially in the car models.

As cars take damage, trunks will bump openand shut, fenders will scrape the ground creating sparks, and entire pieces of the car willbe missing. This game is beautiful enough to be an earlyPS4 or Xbox One game. One of the only underlying issues with MostWanted 2012, however, is the overly-aggressive AI. Rival racers seem to always be out for blood,and the police can range from laughably docile to completely psychopathic. The world of Most Wanted 2012 is cruel one,and the flimsy vehicles within it can’t take too much punishment. 
Wrecks result in Burnout 3-esque cinematicangles, but they can happen almost too frequently due to the aforementioned AI. The police were perfectly balanced in theoriginal Most Wanted, but here there’s a thin line between ‘too easy’ and ‘toohard.’ All in all, Most Wanted 2012 is a must-playracing game. It’s been skipped over or ignored completely due to it not being a “true remake” worthy of the original, but as a standalone game,it stands as one of the best in the genre. Fans of Burnout who long for its return whohaven’t yet tried this should absolutely take it for a spin. If not for the pulse-pounding highs the gamehas to offer, then at the very least, try it for the soundtrack and jaw-dropping audiodesign.

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