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If you love Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4), you might be frustrated by lag and poor performance on the PC. But there’s a fix that can make things much better. By using the DXVK (Direct3D to Vulkan translation layer) configuration file, you can enhance your gaming experience.1

The problem with GTA 4 on PC is its lack of compatibility with the DirectX renderer, as stated by an initial source.1 With the DXVK configuration file, you can change the game to run using the Vulkan API. This change can boost performance, reducing lag and stuttering.1 The source notes they were able to up their graphics settings and still get stable frame rates over 60 FPS.2

Key Takeaways

  • Using the DXVK configuration file can significantly improve the performance and reduce lag and stuttering in GTA 4 on PC.
  • The DXVK configuration forces the game to run in the Vulkan API, which is more efficient than the DirectX renderer.
  • With the DXVK fix, users can enjoy stable framerates well over 60 FPS on their systems.
  • The DXVK configuration is a simple and effective solution to address the common performance issues in GTA 4 on PC.
  • This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to download, install, and configure DXVK for GTA 4 to achieve optimal performance.

Introduction to DXVK

DXVK is a cool tech that helps games like GTA 4 work better.2 It changes the game to use Vulkan, a tech much better than the original DirectX. This makes the game run faster and look smoother. According to the first source, using DXVK fixes GTA 4’s problems with DirectX.

What is DXVK?

DXVK is a key tool improving how older games run. It turns their commands from Direct3D to Vulkan, which is more efficient. This makes the games use Vulkan’s cool features, leading to a better experience for players.3

Benefits of Using DXVK

According to the second source, DXVK helps GTA 4 run smoother.3 It changes the game’s tech to Vulkan, which can make the game’s motion more steady. This way, the game feels smoother to play.

DXVK can also make GTA 4 run faster than it would with DirectX.3 The source notes DXVK might even boost the game’s framerate. This means the game runs more quickly and smoothly.

Prerequisites for DXVK

To make sure DXVK works well with Grand Theft Auto IV on your PC, consider a few things first. Your graphics card should be able to use the Vulkan API for DXVK to work properly. Even though the source doesn’t list exact GPU requirements, a modern graphics card that supports Vulkan is suggested.

GPU Requirements

The second source explains about the GPU needs for DXVK and GTA 4. It says that GPUs from 2015 or newer are good for the usual DXVK version. For GPUs made between 2012 and 2014, they recommend the legacy version3. Some Intel iGPUs might only work with the Legacy version 1.10.13. So, the GPU you have will determine the best DXVK version for you to use.

Game Version Compatibility

The DXVK mod works with all GTA 4 versions, as said by the second source3. This includes the base game, its expansions, and The Complete Edition. So, you can use DXVK to improve performance and fix lag, no matter the game version. This ensures you have a smooth experience with the game.

Downloading DXVK

You can get the newest DXVK version from its GitHub at That’s the main spot to grab DXVK for using with GTA 4 and making it run better.

The GitHub site makes it simple to find and download DXVK. This helps GTA 4 gamers improve their games without hassle.2

Installing DXVK for GTA 4

The first step to improve GTA 4 with DXVK is to install some files.2 You should move dxgi.dll and d3d9.dll from the DXVK download into the GTA 4 folder.2

Placing DXVK Files

Putting DXVK files in the GTA 4 folder is a must.2 This ensures the game can use Vulkan for better performance.2

Creating the DXVK Configuration File

After that, make a new text file with two lines of text: dxgi.maxFrameLatency = 1 and d3d9.maxFrameLatency = 1.2 Change its name to dxvk.conf and move it to the GTA 4 folder.2 This file helps DXVK set up improved settings in GTA 4.2

Configuring GTA 4 Launch Options

To make GTA 4 run better on your PC, the best advice is to add -availablevidmem 4096 to the game’s Steam launch options. This will use more video memory and boost the game’s speed.1

The best choice for the `availablevidmem` setting is “1.1”, says the second source. If you go higher, the game might slow down instead of getting faster.4

Changing these GTA 4 launch options and DXVK launch parameters can make your game run smoother. This means you’ll have a better time playing on your PC.

GTA 4 lag fix

According to the source, one way to fix GTA 4 lag is to boost its virtual memory. You can do this by changing settings in a file called stream.ini. This file is in the Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV\pc folder. Simply change the number from 204800 to 409600. This lets the game use more RAM, making it smoother.

Enabling Steam Overlay

The source suggests ensuring the Steam overlay works for GTA 4. Make sure the screenshot button is set to a key. This tip is crucial if you’re playing with a controller. It helps fix the “controller stutter glitch,” a major gameplay issue.

Optimizing GTA 4 Performance

One way to boost performance in GTA 4 is through the DXVK configuration. Another tip is to tweak the game’s graphics settings. By doing this, a user improved framerates to over 60 FPS on their setup1.

Frame Rate Locking

Using tools like RivaTuner Statistics Server is the advice from the second source. It helps lock GTA 4’s frame rate at 60 FPS. This gives a smooth, consistent experience without fluctuating frame times2.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Missing Textures

One issue with DXVK is missing textures.5 But, the DXVK Async 2.0 version fixes this problem.5 It makes the experience more stable and better overall.5

Low GPU Utilization

Another improvement in DXVK Async 2.0 is better GPU usage.5 This helps in games like GTA 4 where you might see low use of your GPU.5

Compatibility with Mods and ENBs

If you use DXVK with GTA 4, think about how well it works with mods like ENB and Reshade. When you have ENB mods, a few tweaks are needed to blend them well. This info comes from the second source.6

ENB Configuration

For DXVK and an ENB mod to work together, you must change the d3d9.dll file name in the DXVK folder to dxvk.dll. Then, edit the enbseries.ini file. In the [PROXY] section, set it to use the dxvk.dll file.6

Reshade Compatibility

DXVK supports Reshade, as said in the second source. Reshade is loved by many for enhancing GTA 4’s graphics. You can use Reshade and DXVK together to make the game look better without hurting performance.6

DXVK Async 2.0

The second source talks about7 DXVK Async 2.0. It was just tested in GTA 4. The author mentions improvements like fewer missing textures and better use of the GPU7. There’s also less stuttering after the first time you run the game7.

Improvements in DXVK Async 2.0

DXVK Async 2.0 comes with several upgrades for GTA 4 players. It changes the game’s Direct3D calls to Vulkan’s API more effectively7. This makes the game run more smoothly, with fewer bugs and better performance.

Installing DXVK Async 2.0

To get DXVK Async 2.0 working, you need to put its files in GTA 4’s folder, just like you did with the original DXVK7. The author also offers a custom COMMANDLINE.txt. This file can improve how the game runs on some systems. They suggest making the file “read-only” to keep it safe from Rockstar’s updates7.


Using the DXVK configuration file can really help with GTA 4 on PC. It fixes lag, stuttering, and makes the game run better. DXVK changes the game’s DirectX into Vulkan, which makes things smoother. So, you can enjoy better graphics without losing speed. The newer DXVK Async 2.0 makes it even better, solving issues like missing textures.

By using this guide, GTA 4 can be much better on your computer. The DXVK and GTA 4 tweaks mentioned here make the game play well. They fix the common problems, giving you a stable and fun gaming experience.

So, with the DXVK setup, making GTA 4 run smoother is easy. It’s great for reducing lag, boosting frames per second, or just making the game look better. This guide shows how to get the most out of GTA 4 on your PC.


What is the issue with GTA 4 on PC?

GTA 4 often runs into problems with the DirectX renderer on PC. Players can fix this problem. They use a special configuration file, called DXVK, to switch the game to run in the Vulkan API. This change makes the game run better. It plays smoother and with less lag.

What is DXVK?

DXVK is a tool that changes how some PC games, like GTA 4, work. Instead of using the DirectX setup, it makes the game work with Vulkan. This can make the game run a lot better. It can be a big help for older games when it comes to performance.

What are the benefits of using DXVK for GTA 4?

DXVK can solve problems in GTA 4 like choppy gameplay. It smooths out the performance. This can lead to a game that runs at higher frame rates. In short, it makes playing GTA 4 a lot better.

What are the GPU requirements for using DXVK with GTA 4?

For running GTA 4 with DXVK, your GPU needs to support Vulkan. You should have a relatively new graphics card. This is important for playing GTA 4 with improved graphics.

Is DXVK compatible with all versions of GTA 4?

Yes, all versions of GTA 4 can work with the DXVK mod. This includes the base game, expansions, and all versions of the game.

Where can I download the latest version of DXVK?

Download DXVK’s latest version from the dedicated GitHub repository. Go to for the newest release.

How do I install DXVK for GTA 4?

To set up DXVK for GTA 4, put the DXVK files into the game’s main folder. These files include dxgi.dll and d3d9.dll. Then, create a text document and write dxgi.maxFrameLatency = 1 and d3d9.maxFrameLatency = 1 in it. Change the document’s name to dxvk.conf. Finally, move this document into the game’s folder too.

What other configurations can I make to improve GTA 4’s performance?

Here are some extra tips to boost GTA 4’s performance. Add -availablevidmem 4096 to the game’s Steam launch options. This setting helps the game use more memory. Also, to increase the game’s virtual memory, you can change settings in the stream.ini file. This file is in the game’s directory in Steam.

How can I further optimize the performance of GTA 4?

To get the best performance, adjust your game’s graphic settings. Increasing these settings could help you achieve a steady frame rate above 60 FPS. Use RivaTuner Statistics Server to cap the game’s frame rate at 60 FPS. This setup ensures a smooth, consistent experience while playing.

What are the common issues that can occur when using DXVK with GTA 4?

Using DXVK with GTA 4 might lead to problems like missing textures. However, this issue is likely resolved in the DXVK Async 2.0 version. The new version also uses your graphics card more effectively. This can fix performance issues linked to low GPU usage.

How do I use DXVK with ENB mods and Reshade in GTA 4?

If you have ENB mods and want to use DXVK, you need to change a file. Rename d3d9.dll from the DXVK download to dxvk.dll. Next, in the enbseries.ini file, make sure the [PROXY] section is set properly to use dxvk.dll. DXVK is also friendly with Reshade, another mod for better graphics in GTA 4.

What are the improvements in the DXVK Async 2.0 version for GTA 4?

DXVK Async 2.0 fixes many past problems with DXVK for GTA 4. This version has fewer issues with missing textures and uses your GPU better. After playing once, you might notice less stuttering. The source also shares a special COMMANDLINE.txt that you can use. Set this file as “read-only” to keep it from changing with game updates.

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