Awesomekills Graphics for GTAV

This is combined graphic mod which includes end, reshade, timecycle modifyed and some other file changes.

1. Using OpenlV install VisualV.

2. Using OpenlV install Awesomekills graphics.oiv package

3. Install Reshade (installer in archive)

4. Copy all files from “GTAV main folder” to your gta main folder with replace.

5. Launch the game, in game press “Home”, reshade menu will opens,
then press continue -> continue -> continue -> finish, then click to DefaultPreset (on the top of Reshade window), the list will come out and select preset you need.
To change preset press “Home” again and change preset.

Included reshade presets list:
Awesomekills graphics – preset for gameplay &screenshots
Awesomekills graphics Dof Enabled – preset for screenshots with DOF

Delete mods folder, dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll

Update May 2022 changelog:

-Color changes
-Better reflections
-Better SSAO
-Sky, ligthing changes
-Better nights
-Presets list changed. Now it includes two presets. One for gameplay & screenshots, and second for screenshots with DOF.

If you have trubles with install check README.

Installation video tutorial if you have troubles:

Also i release RT version of this mod.
You can check it here:

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