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Minecraft is a game about breaking and laying blocks. Originally, people built buildings to protect them from the beasts of the night, but as the game grew the players worked together to create amazing, imaginative things.

Minecraft Java Edition download

It could also be joining friends or watching a big sunrise at sea. It’s beautiful. Brave players fight terrible things inside the Netherlands, which is much more frightening than beauty. You can also visit the land of your mushrooms if it looks like a cup of tea.

What is new:

1.17.1 is a minor update to the Java Edition which changes some of the game’s mechanics and fixes bugs. Not suitable for 1.17 servers.


Death messages

  • Two previously untranslated death messages for some underwater motorcycles were given messages:
  • died of dehydration.
  • he died of dehydration while trying to escape.
  • Languages

Included in Ancient China.

  • Checkpoints


  • The powdered ice is now filling the bottles twice as much as before.
  • Products


  • Editor of the captured structure added to the rear glass.
  • Groups


  • The blue axolotls are now only born in reproduction.
  • You drowned

It increased the probability of a decrease in the amount of copper from 5% to 11%, and increased the rate of decline in each level of looting from 1% to 2%.
This change must be in line with the Bedrock Edition point value.

Ordinary goat breeding now has a 2% chance of producing a dream goat.
The effect of the current condition of the goat is also applied when the goat jumps or grabs.
Zombies, Zombie Villages, Husks and Manshay

Never pick up bags with shiny lines again.
This prevents the zombies from surviving after looting the dead enamel.


  • The method of packing hand-packs for “host name” and “port” field goes back to before 1.17 when the server address used is the SRV record.
  • Currently, the data stored in this site will use the address and port indicated by the SRV record, instead of “server address” such as “hostname” and 25565 “port”.
  • Fonts
  • Some new characters have been added.
  • It includes several silver symbols and some new emoji.
  • The new characters are:
  • Languages

Excluded from the following languages ​​incomplete translation:
Eastgogoviya Germany [note 3]

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