Download GTA Vice City For PC [Original]

GTA Vice City Download for PC Original | Download GTA Vice City Steam Version FREE for PC (2021). If you wanna Download GTA Vice City (2021) on your PC? Then Read This Article Fully.

Overview of GAME

GTA Vice City is set in Vice City, Florida, in 1986 and concerns the exploits of protagonist Tommy Vercetti as he rises to become Vice City’s main criminal force. The events of the game follow Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Download GTA Vice City
Download GTA Vice City

Designed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games, it debuted in North America on October 27, 2002, for the PlayStation 2 and quickly became the best-selling video game of the year. Following this success, GTA Vice City has been released in Europe, Australia and Japan and is available for PCs and Xbox.

Rockstar Vienna later packaged the game with its predecessor GTA III and sold it as the Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack for the Xbox, and last debuted for iOS and Android on December 6, 2012 as a celebration of its 10th anniversary. Since April 2015, GTA Vice City is the fourth best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time in the US. In 2006, GTA Vice City also appeared on the readership list of 100 favorite video games of all time at the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

It uses a modified version of the Renderware gaming engine used by GTA III, and similarly represents a vast urban landscape full of inhabited buildings (from hotels to skyscrapers), vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and planes), and people.

How to Download GTA Vice City [Original] File

To download GTA Vice city original steam version for free on your pc then you must click the download link below that you can download it directly without any ads and without any issues.

What and all ERROS Fixed in this game?

  1. Mouse fixed in this game, you can play without any mouse issue, its working fine.
  2. All cut-scences available in this game, All game,peds,vehicle radio,music,character sounds are available.
  3. Few graphics improved, looks like Original GTA Vc but few roads testures are improved and it will wont low your FPS runs good in low end pc.
  4. This game is from STEAM, so don’t worry {no malware}
  5. Widescreen FIXED [your Screen will be perfectly matched with your Monitor]
  6. Turn OFF Frame Limiter and you will get 60FPS and Above
  7. IN-Game Subtitles Available
GTA Vice City: (Link available after 5 hours) Download GTA Vice City Steam Version [MOUSE FIXED]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s recommended computer requirements

if you want to play the game with high settings, you need slightly better equipment. You must have at least an Intel Pentium 4 and at least a GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 graphics card with 64 MB of VRAM.

  1. Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP processor 256 (+) MB RAM
  2. Memory: 1.55 GB of free hard disk space (+ 635 MB if the video card does NOT support DirectX texture compression)
  3. Graphics: 64 (+) MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers (“GeForce 3” / “Radeon 8500” or better with DirectX texture compression support)
  4. DirectX version: Microsoft DirectX® 9.0
  5. Hard disk: 915 MB of free hard disk space (+ 635 MB if the video card does NOT support DirectX texture compression)
  6. Sound card: Sound card with DirectX 9.0

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