GTA San Andreas Graphics Mod 2021

Thanks for watching my previous videos as well I got a lot of comments about how to install a graphics mod for GTA San Andreas, therefore I decided to make another video about it. I’ve made a lot of videos about the graphics mode for GTA San Andreas, I will show you how to install the best graphics mod for GTA San Andreas for the potato PC so you can play this game on your PC without any lag issues. Just follow the video below to begin the installation.

Please watch the video carefully for the installation process I know that most of the people skip the installation process and they will blame me that the game does not work. Check the installation video till the end and if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments, and I will respond there.

This game can be made a lot better if you add physics mode like ragdoll physics, and you can also check out this DirectX 2.0 graphics mod , There are a lot of videos about GTA content in this channel, so make sure to check that out for more information about the game as well as the mods, so you can add more to the game to make it look incredible and to improve the game. To download the Mod file just go to the description and click on the links for more files.

Download them, then install them. In this video, I explained how you can add some mods, not graphics modes, that will make your game look like GTA 5 as realistic as possible. I added the Physics Ragdoll Mod, the water reflections, and more. Thanks for watching and goodbye.

Required Files – Download

Gmod – Download

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