GTA San Andreas Jefferson Retextured MOD + SaDirectx 2.0 (Installation + Gameplay)

Hey, what’s up everyone, if you want to convert GTA 4 into GTA V then this video is for you the video link is given below you can check out that for the installation process and the gameplay. actually, in this post, you will find the mode links where you can download easily some GTA San Andreas and GTA 5.

GTA San Andreas is the most popular game in the GTA 2004 by rockstar north. this game made everyone crazy, games liked a lot games like GTA 5 IS POPULAR more than GTA 4 nowadays still popular in 2021.

GTA V released in 2013 by rockstar north, it is the first game to earn a lot of earnings 3 days of release. most of the people came because of traffic and most of the people like GTA San Andreas because of story mode.

system requirements for this mod:

  • you need 4GB of RAM
  • Intel I3 processor
  • 2GB GPU ( integrated GPU is enough to run mod)

So these are there system requirements to run this graphic mod in your GTA San Andreas this is the perfect graphics mode you will ever seen if you want to see the game please you can check out this game play over here.

Mod Links:

Download Mod Pack:

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