Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 for PC✔ [LATEST VERSION]


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. It is a reboot of the original modern war trilogy. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the sixteenth game in the Call of Duty franchise, the fourth game in the Modern Warfare series, and Infinity Ward’s second three-year development cycle to develop. Announced on May 30, 2019, the game was released on October 25, 2019.

After 10 months, the game sold for 30 million copies [2] and became the best-selling game of 2020 [3]. Modern Warfare also became the best-selling game of the Call of Duty franchise since its launch in 2003. 



Returning to the Modern Warfare series, Infinity Ward designed a game to get rid of real-world terrorism directly, which is present in modern-day 2019. A week before the game’s reveal, studio fiction director Taylor Kurosaki and single-player Jacob Minkoff explained to reporters this new game as a more mature, authentic and relevant Call of Duty game, not a superhero caricature, but rather its Rather, it is a down-to-earth representation of the realities of being a soldier. “This is taking the scenarios that have been ripped from the headlines”. “[5] Among the stated goals for the game’s campaign:” Build an emotional connection through the realities of war, “and” push the boundaries of the medium. “


In an interview with GameSpot, Kurosaki was asked what a re-imagining of the Call of Duty storyline is: what modern warfare means and some of the major motivations for being relevant in today’s world. Kurosaki replied “Sure, well, the original game was ripped from the headlines. But it was ripped from the headlines of 2007. And now, we are 12 years later, and the world has changed. I would say 2007 Compared to, Operation Iraqi Freedom or whatever it was, it was a traditional war of sorts. They were in tanks, fighting others in tanks and jeeps, and this side wore this uniform and this other The side wore a different uniform, and it was a different outfit this flag, and the other side waved the other flag.


Today, modern warfare means that the war is not over yet. That war is everywhere. It is in our own backyard. It is in those places that suddenly can become a battleground at a moment’s notice. It is about enemies who do not wear uniforms. This civil collateral damage is, unfortunately, part of the equation. When we set out to make this game, we asked ourselves very literal questions. We just said, ‘What does the term modern warfare mean in 2019?’ Not what the name of the game means, but just words as those words: modern warfare. And for us, this meant that a busy city center could be the site of a terrorist attack. That a residential complex can be the safe house of a terrorist cell, that commandos must go to the cell and finish it. This means that it is a John Wayne-style American G.I. Is not the only type, but is also a local militia and freedom fighter. Where families fall prey to airstrikes and people have to take up arms and fight for their freedom. This, for us, was the definition of modern warfare and if we did not have all the elements in the game, we would not do justice to that name. “

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