GTA Vice City Remastered Download For PC [Latest Version] 2021

Vice City Remastered is a mod for Grand Theft Auto V, built by lunch. If you like this project please consider supporting its author through PayPal.

Description GTA Vice City Remastered:

Vice Cry: Remastered is a Grand Theft Auto V, a full port of VS Cry, running as a DLC, adding many new details to a real VC experience.

Features GTA Vice City Remastered :

Full port of Vice Cry 1.8 for V

MLO internal

Bombed roads and various buildings

Specific map windows for accurate reflection

Brand new models and textures for this project

3D nin model

Matrial accuracy (no more broken characters)

Full Path and Navamesh Support

Working traffic light

Grass immediately

SLOD with proper water reflection

Custom view

Car generators

Custom Population Groups and Zones

And many more.

Mod Download:


Five Medium Headset, or Delayed Version

Adjustment of the packet limit by an unknown moder (3,500 sets)


As a trainer who can spawn dlc cars, I use a simple coach by sjaak (spawn in some DLC car traffic).

Please post any bug reports orb feature merit requests on dissatisfaction for this mode.


Vice Cry Team:

For your further development in the 2019 edition of Dave-Mode


Vice City Rage Classic Team – Crash and Nav Mess

• Tomaster – Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Scoop Script.

• Mr. Vegas – Lead Designer, Map Converter

• Frank.s – Scoop Script

Kami Sinks – Graphic Artist, Trailer

Jeninin – Design, Graphic Artist

Dexfex – Codwalker and Open Map Tools

Neos7- GTAV Map Assistant (3ds maximum)

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