Why i’m not Uploading Game Download Content in My Youtube Channel

So Hey guys I think you know about me. I’m GamTrex. If you don’t know about my YouTube channel, you can check this YouTube channel by clicking on this link.

Most of them don’t know that why I am not uploading game downloading Content on YouTube channels, I do not know why but the main reason for this is YouTube’s policy in 2020. YouTube introduced a new policy in 2020 that if a game downloading Video, movie downloading Video someone uploads on Youtube, of course, they will definitely get Strike from Youtube Guidelines as well as Channel Termination within 7 Days! but it is really good it is good why do I have to say like this because, for example,,, If you have a game Company and you’re selling the game, if someone doesn’t buy games instead of buying games if that person downloads the game for free, how the game company will earn, they have developed the game very hard with their hard work,  Effort. 

The Reason YouTube introduced this policy because most of the game company is at a disadvantage as most people are downloading the game directly without Purchasing it or buying it. So I Stopped uploading the game downloading content video to my YouTube channel. 

But No Worries! You can download any games from my website https://tdgameszone.com/ Everything I provide on this website is 100 safe, I check everything and I scan the files before uploading them to my website. For you guys, I’m here. Thanks for your support.

That’s the Actual reason Friends, I hope you understand.

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