Why GTA Vice City is still one of the most beloved games in the series in 2021

 It is not a secret; GTA Vice City is still awesome in 2021.

Lots of games come and go. Some are great for a while but become outdated and outdone by others within a few years. Like GTA Vice City, the truly amazing games can impress players and keep their attention even decades after the release. As with all gaming-related topics, personal preference is vital as to whether or not a game can be considered good in 2021.

GTA Vice City is still Popular?

While some aspects of GTA Vice City may not age well, the overall package of the game is still great to play. Some fans praise its music and likable characters, while others like the simple gameplay. Most GTA titles age well in 2021, and GTA Vice City is no different in that regard.

GTA Vice City is world-famous for its outstanding music. Some players claim that the 80’s music sounds the best, so this game with some of the best melodies of that decade helps establish itself among its contemporaries.

Even outside of the time bubble, the music is great thematically, as it helps introduce people to new songs.

Outside of its great music is the overall sound of the game. The voice acting is excellent (as one would expect from Rockstar Games), and the sound effects look clean, even in 2021.

Players will not feel confused when they hear something, as they can usually tell where the sound is coming from and what is causing it.

# 1 – Characters

Even if Tommy Vercetti might be one of the most ruthless heroes in GTA history, he’s still a great hero that only a player can support. Sure, he’s ruining lives of thousands with his drug empire, but it’s not like his enemies are getting more sympathetic.

Tommy’s allies and opponents are also happy to see this. Lance Vance is a stunned person, but his betrayal by Tommy is personal. Vice City is a cruel place to live, and this is reflected in the characters who inhabit the site. Despite this, some of these monstrous characters (like Lance Vance and Ricardo Diaz) can deliver comedic moments that might really entertain players.

(Fun fact – Tommy doesn’t know how to swim 🙁

Even minor characters like Love Fist and Candy Suxxx are unforgettable. Each mission and side asset has an unforgettable cast that helps bring the player into the likeness of Vice City.

Of course, some players despise the image of Haitians and Cubans in the game, so that’s one of the few aspects that doesn’t hold up well in 2021.

# 2 – Setup

As mentioned earlier, GTA Vice City is a beautiful world. The graphics are sure to remind us of its era. However, vibrant colors and neon lights help this game stand out compared to other games with faded color palettes.

Not only that, but the sites are not as empty as the big games (GTA 5 is a huge title in comparison, but some players hate how little use of the game is).

As usual in the GTA game, Vice City is home to loads of safe houses and assets that players can own. They are evenly distributed throughout the map, giving players ample opportunities to save. While they cannot save anywhere they like, the option to save to specific locations makes it more attractive than some of the old games, where players are deprived of checkpoints.

# 3 – Missions

Mission diversity is essential for the GTA series. If so many missions are launched, it won’t be exciting (especially in 2021).

Fortunately, GTA Vice City is home to several missions. “Keep Your Friends Close …” is an epic involving shooting through Sonny Forelli and Lance Vance’s men, while “Publicity Tour” consists of the player driving a Love Fist limousine around, hoping that the stuttering squad members will disarm the bomb.

It’s not just the main missions that are great in 2021; Side missions are equally fun to play. “The Job” is one of GTA’s most beloved missions, as it is one of the founding fathers of subsequent game burglary. InterGlobal Studios, Print Works, and Kaufman Cabs are prime examples of memorable assets.

Of course, there are also frustrating quests to annoy players. However, the fun of completing these challenging missions will appeal to some players in 2021.

Recently many games have been reduced in difficulty. This is why some games, like Dark Souls, are so popular in 2021 that not every player wants to be a babysitter while playing the game.

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