Why GTA 4 Failed? Actual Reason

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Why GTA 4 Failed? Actual Reason. It’s an extension to call any game in the GTA franchise “downplay” because the franchise has performed extremely well both commercially and critically. The games have had varying degrees of success but have been a huge hit nonetheless. Why GTA 4 Failed? Actual Reason

However, there are a few games in the series that are loved more than others. GTA IV is an example of one such game that over the years has not won the love that other games in the series, such as GTA Vice City, have.

However, GTA IV is perhaps the most dangerous and ambitious Rockstar games title as the developers have been looking to drastically change things. Here are some of the reasons why GTA IV is one of the best games in the series but doesn’t get enough credit.

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Reasons why GTA IV is underrated:

1) The protagonist can be believed

The protagonist in GTA IV is not an eccentric criminal aspiring to take over the city. Instead, he’s a guy who is simply looking to get what she wants. Niko Bellic is a man tormented by his past and now strives to create a better life for himself away from crime.

His tragic story arc sees him plunge back into the underworld and create one of the series’ most believable heroes. Players can stand behind Nico’s story and feel connected to him, more than some of the other characters in the series (we’re looking at you, Trevor).

2) the right amount of courage and humor:

GTA IV is a more established affair in the series and doesn’t necessarily contain “holy crap” moments from the franchise like stealing a jetpack from a secret government facility.

However, the game’s biggest moments come emotionally and with quieter episodes of the gorgeous Neo Noir-style storyline. Its influences from Russian criminal drama are evident but that doesn’t mean the game is completely free from humor.

Niko is not just a cold and ruthless killer, he is a complete multi-dimensional character who is as intelligent as a killer. The writing of the game remains as sharp as it has ever been, and is full of moments of flight.

3) Building the world and the city of freedom:

It can be said that the soulless color palette and the unsaturated effect that the game creates only adds to the building of the world and the character of Liberty City. As a mega-city that sorely lacks sympathy for the downtrodden, Liberty City is very well aware.

While it is not a light neon paradise-like Vice City, it does have a big personality, shining in its personalities, colors, and most importantly, radio chatting.

4) Realistic physics add to the originality of the game:

One of the most controversial aspects of GTA IV came in the way of its more realistic driving mechanic. The cars in the game have actual weight for them, and drifting around corners is not as easy as it was in the previous games.

Cars move purposefully, and every little steering entry has consequences. This just adds to the authentic and basic nature of the game. The gameplay in GTA games has rarely been used thematically as in this one.

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