Make GTA San Andreas into GTA V for PC (2021)

Turn GTA San Andreas into GTA V. Make everything like GTA V in GTA SAN ANDREAS! Check out this article completely.

I honestly think it might be longer than the last two games combined, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely made getting this review a little longer than I expected. So, you’ve now completed every game in the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy. How does this batch compare with the previous two? Let’s find out.

You play Carl Johnson, he’s not mute, and arguably he’s not a psychopath, but there’s one thing I doubt anyone would argue against and he’s definitely a monster. The game begins with him returning to San Andreas to bury his mother, after spending five years in Liberty City, he is arrested for … and the police drop him on the grounds of one of the rival gangs, and after that, we are free to do so. Do what we want. And by doing what we want … in fact, you can do more than just the first thing this time.

You can go to this bar and gamble with your money. And once you get home, you can even play a video, so you’re not only limited by pointless violence but of course, we still have that, if you’re into that kind of thing. Oh, you don’t like that, do you? Well, maybe you should have thought of that, before your ambulance stopped me, you forced me to start and lost all my progress, fuuuuuu-Oh idiot, and you can rob people. Indeed, this is how we unleash the infinite enemy this time. In the last two games, you will get the power to run forever if you complete the side medic quest, but here you get it when you earn at least $ 10,000 from burglary. This isn’t required to complete it 100%, but at the same time, why not do it? It’s not that difficult, you don’t even get $ 10,000 in one go, just $ 10,000 in total. Plus, it’s an easy way to make money. And you get the infinite sprint, and the only downside to that is that it’s kind of fun raising your stamina. Oh yeah, that’s another new feature. Statistics: There are dozens and dozens of stats, but what you focus on most is the following.

You need to install CLEO (300KB file size) before installing this mode.

What changes will you see in GTA San Andreas after installing this mod?

  1. Ultra Graphics MOD as GTA V
  2. Rag Doll physics as GTA V
  3. Realistic blaze and the big bang (every explosion happens like GTA V)
  4. All graphics mods like GTA 5
  5. To play + install [Check this>

The mod files for GTA San Andreas are here⬇

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