GTA 4 Lag Fix for Low-End PC – GTA 4 Lag Fix for 2GB RAM,4GB RAM,8GB RAM

Hello. This helpful tutorial is all about removing GTAIV Lag.
I decided to write this tutorial because most of the people with better computers than computers have a lag in using GTAIV!
I have Intel HD graphics (Ivy Bridge), 4GB RAM, and Intel Pentium G2020. GTAIV works perfectly at around 30-50 frames per second on my device with these steps.

1. Go to your GTAIV root directory (where GTAIV.exe is located) and search for the “commandline.txt” file. If you can’t find it, read on. Otherwise, go to step 2.
Now create a new text file and name it “Command Line” without the quotes. Now you should have a “commandline.txt” file in the GTAIV root directory.
2. Open the commandline.txt file and copy and paste these lines:
– Available vidmem 10.0
3. Now save and close the text file and go to step 4.
4. Go to this page in your browser and download the archive from here. (I am not the author of these files.)
5. Now open the archive you downloaded and extract the “Common” and “Computer” folders to the GTAIV root directory. (Where GTAIV.exe is located) and replace the files.
6. Now enter the game but don’t click start. Go to Options> Graphics and adjust the graphics settings I wrote below:
  1. Video mode: 800 x 600 (60Hz)
  2. Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 (Or whatever you like. But 4: 3 is the best.)
  3. Texture Quality: Low
  4. Reflection Resolution: Low (You can also set it off to completely stop reflections.)
  5. Water quality: low
  6. Shadow Quality: Low / Off (Preferred Off)
  7. Night Shadows: Off (If Shadow Quality is set to Off or Low, this will lock when turned off.)
  8. Fabric filter quality: triple linear
  9. Viewing Distance: 12
  10. Detailed distance: 12
  11. Vehicle Density: 8 (also 12 or 16 fine.)
  12. Definition: On (You won’t notice an FPS infection with this on or off.)
  13. Vsync: Discontinued (OFF)
7. Now save the settings by pressing the keyboard spacebar. Now a window about using these settings should appear. Use enter key and close options.
Tip: To make the game more colorful, go to Display tab and set Saturation Bar to Maximum!
8. Start GTAIV now and have fun without delay!
Hope this tutorial helped you remove your GTAIV lag. If you have any issues please feel free to post comments! <3

You can Check out this VIDEO- (Another LAG FIX) (90% Positive Comments)

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