When PUBG Mobile Inida will Launch in INDIA

Yes, the new year has come, but so far we have not seen any games which were to come! The trailer of Fauji and PUBG Mobile but Fauji Mobile has been released. And you can download it very easily! On January 26, because Game 26 is going to be launched only. And you can also download it absolutely for free, its free registers have been started now but till date no idea of ​​PUBG Mobile is known, all we have to say is that we have to wait and many people We are only waiting, it is good that we should just wait and wait for pubg to come because we cannot go against the government nor take any wrong step. Because we are people of India!

PUBGM India Will come IN JAN 2021?

PUBG MOBILE INDIA No one knows yet when PUBG Mobile is coming! Because the pub has taken the mobile himself. We will launch PUBG Mobile without telling you and will give you surprise. No one knows when pub Zee mobile is going to come and only no one knows when Zee mobile is going to come only and only it is being said that before the military game, military mobile India will come but I It does not seem that as far as Pag Jee Mobile is concerned, he was of the opinion that we will give you a surprise and may ever launch Deepak Ji Mobile Call, no such date was selected because PUBG Mobile itself wants us to launch then When everyone feels that PUBG Mobile is not going to come and they get a surprise immediately, all you have to do is to wait a little bit. Many YouTube’s just tell in their video that PUBG Mobile is coming today. Tomorrow is going to come, but to make that video throw, you have to be alerted and just and only you have to check the site of PUBG Mobile which is called PUBGMOBILE.IN you can search on Google there. You will get all the information that when pub live mobile is coming, whenever pub live mobile will come then this is the website!


Pubg Mobile India will come before the military game, the same news is going viral, all those news channels are also telling that the military game is going to come on 26th January, before that, PUBG Mobile India will come and we will be able to play it. A military game is launched by Akshay Kumar, who is a well-known star, this game will give 30% to the government as it will reduce the profits in the markets and then the government has approved the game that this is a military game in India. Can launch, but nothing is being known about PUBG Mobile as the government has banned PUBG Mobile and a few days ago, it was seen on the website of PUBG Mobile but it was just 2 minutes. I had a glimpse of it after that I left from there and have not yet come to PUBG Mobile. 4 to 5 months have passed, yet nothing is known about when pubg will come and where it will come!


If we talk about the capitals mobile leaving the launch in India, then its date has not been revealed yet, but the news channel Govermant says that between 15 and 16 date, now Gym Mobile can be launched but it is only people say Hai Goremant is yet to approve the game why mobiles come to India and make huge profits because test game jobs are partnered with mobiles. They are the Chinese company who do all our scolding black market, so PUBG Mobile India Now nothing is known about when Pub Zee Mobile will be banned, as soon as Pub Zee Mobile gets approval from the government that now they can launch their game only then we can get to see this game on Play Store and anywhere. No!
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PUBG M When It will LAUNCH?

When will pubg launch? pubg can be launched in the month of January. It is not sure yet that it will come only in January, but many celebrities have the same YouTube bus to say that PUBG Mobile will come in January and we will get the trailer from 15 to 16 It will be seen in the middle of the date and it will come before the military game, yet no date has been selected, a lot of people are going to the date goddess and trying to mislead people, so I would like to tell you That you just wait and do not get into the travesty of people who are misleading you by telling false news!


Today’s news of PUBG Mobile India is that PUBG Mobile is in the hands of the government whether they approve it or not, then only this PUBG Mobile will come when you will approve from the government otherwise we will never pub pub mobile You will be able to play it. It is being seen in today’s news that whatever is coming on the news channel, a lot of people are speaking, but I am telling you the same news which is true and right!

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You need to read this a lot because many people are cheating on us that PUBG mobile is coming today, tomorrow is coming, trying to mislead people by saying this, please do just a little Wait a bit and you will get to see your pub live mobile soon on the play store and you do not need to go to any website that you can find pub live mobile anywhere else!

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