Top 5 Best Indian Tech Blogs That you must Follow for Latest and Amazing

Today, we will find out about Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs. On the off chance that you need to be refreshed with innovation, at that point you should peruse this Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs. 

The most ideal approach to remain refreshed from the innovative world is to peruse tech sites since perusing tech online journals will give you numerous specialized world news. There are numerous tech-sites on the web, however you should peruse this article to get the best data. In this article, we will educate you concerning the 5 best Indian tech sites. 

1. ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agarwal 

Shoutmeloud is an Indian tech blog, where you will get data identified with tech Harsh Agarwal is the proprietor of this blog. Cruel Agrawal posts related data via web-based media, online profit, writing for a blog, and programming, and so on his tech blog soutmeloud. You improve information identified with tech on the soutmeloud blog. 

  1. Reach – 14918 
  2. Nation Rank – 1816 (india) 
  3. Worldwide Rank – 16888 

2. labnol by Amit Agrawal: 

labnol is an Indian tech blog, But this blog is mainstream in the USA. Where you will discover data identified with innovation, Amit Agrawal is the proprietor of this blog. Amit Agrawal gives data identified with web-based media, internet acquiring, contributing to a blog, devices, and programming, and so forth on his Tech Blog Labonne. On the Labnol blog, you get helpful presents related on Tech. You can likewise utilize this blog to build your specialized information. 

  1. Reach – 10183 
  2. Nation Rank – 7267 (USA) 
  3. Worldwide Rank – 13386 

3. Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha: 

NextBigWhat is an Indian Tech Blog, where you will discover data identified with innovation, Ashish Sinha is the proprietor of this blog. Ashish Sinha gives data identified with devices, tech news, survey, and tips stunts, which is useful for you. 

  1. Reach – 146664 
  2. Nation Rank – 9864 (India) 
  3. Worldwide Rank – 163840 

4. GuidingTech by Abhijit Mukherjee: 

GuidingTech is an Indian Technology Blog, possessed by Abhijit Mukherjee. Abhijeet Mukherjee, inside GuidingTech, gives you data on specialized points. Abhijit Mukherjee gives you the data in GuidingTech identified with Gadgets, How to Tech, Best Mobile Apps, and Tech. Directing Tech is a phenomenal Indian Tech blog where you get any data identified with Tech, in too straightforward language. 

  1. Reach – 8189 
  2. Nation Rank – 8098 (USA) 
  3. Worldwide Rank – 11124 

5. 9lessons by Srinivas Tamada: 

Srinivas Tamada is the proprietor of 9lessions, 9lessions is an Indian specialized blog. Srinivasa Tamada gives data identified with tech dialects, at 9lessions. Like – Java, PHP and More. 

  1. Reach – 100527 
  2. Nation Rank – 13054 (India) 
  3. Worldwide Rank – 111753 

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