How to create gaming YouTube channel in 2021

Hi everyone I am Dilip and today I will show you the best method the best strategy to create a gaming YouTube channel and earn money from it.

today’s world like nowadays gaming is rapidly growing on the industry so most of the people like gaming games, and most of the people wanted to create YouTube channel type of gaming, sadasya today I will show you the best method to create this type of channel on YouTube so make sure to read this article fully and don’t skip it. 

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1. Create YouTube Channel with Gaming Name:

The most important think in creating a YouTube channel type of gaming is to create a name with gaming name, don’t it create a new name with another type of other categories, you must create a unique name for a gaming channel that name should be similar and that name should be Matching with Gaming! 

because this will be the easy way to understand the people to remember your channel name and to remember your channel category.

2. First Upload Some Gaming Videos Not Live Stream:

I Saw most of the people starting gaming YouTube channel and uploading live stream like they are doing live stream at the starting, but you should not do that because if you start live stream at the start of the channel your channel will grow fast but it will too late, try to upload some gaming videos, try to upload at least 10 or 20 gaming videos giving topics anything you like then you can later start live stream so you will get a better engagement you will get a better audience so your live stream video will be get ranked soon so your channel will grow good.

Point is that don’t live stream at the start of the YouTube channel.

3: Try to Upload Small Videos first:

So basically uploading small videos at the start of the YouTube channel will grow fast because like most of the people don’t know about a YouTube channel and don’t know about you so if you start uploading like 10 minute 20 minute video on your channel so people will want people will not like don’t it was it fully because they don’t even know who you are and how you will explain. 

I just wanted to say you that keep uploading your videos starting you should upload over 3 – 6 Mins Video, and upload some educational gaming videos for anything topic you like so the people will watch it fully if your video small and well explained.

letter after getting subscribers and audience, you can upload large time of videos like 10 minutes or 20 minutes because the time people will see it fully I mean watch it.

4: Write Proper Tags, Description, Title:

In YouTube channel title description tags plays an important role in your rankings, you must find a good Advertisement friendly proper title for YouTube video and you must write good proper description on your YouTube video so the people can easily understand what your videos about, and put proper tags of your video Keyword! Like you can add Related keywords too! 

5: Never Giveup:

You should never give up creating YouTube videos if you want to become successful on YouTube channel so don’t stop making the videos. at the start most of the people will get disappointment, negative thoughts, you should avoid these thoughts because ” No one gets Old quickly” Right? you understand what I mean? channel and keep uploading YouTube videos.

Thank you ❣️

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