Difference Between Game for peace vs Pubg Mobile Global

Difference Between PUBG Mobile Global Vs Chinese PUBG Mobile

So hey what’s up everyone today I will share you the difference between game for Peace pubg mobile vs pubg mobile original Global version.

Basically the boat game are same but what’s the difference between these games?

Likewise I will say that game for peace is and Chinese version of pubg mobile which is released in China with some unique name, in China mobile Global version has been banned due to some reasons because of violations,  and something like that I don’t know fully about why they banned it.  so because of that band they just released a new version of Chinese pubg mobile which is called as game for peace which is developed and released by China itself.

People from different countries people from different people except China they cant able to like use game for peace,  we cant able to play this game because this game is only made for Chinese people and this game is only made for China.  why I am saying like that because in China and able to sign up with WeChat account to play this game if you are not in the China,  even using VPN we cant able to or sign up with that so that’s why only the Chinese people can able to play this game.

Pubg mobile global, I see people know the pubg mobile Global is the original version of pubg mobile be played in all countries,  I don’t know whether in all countries because in some countries it is banned due to some violations I don’t know about that fully but today in this article post I will just share you the difference between these  games,  game for peace and pubg mobile global.

The difference between both of this game are graphics first we will check about the graphics.


In game for peace the graphics is something little bit we will say like cartoonish, Ultra settings for in ultra HDR graphics you will see the same graphics as Global version,  there is not much difference in the graphics of the both of the game.


Both of these have similar gameplay facilities so I cant able to like I won’t say some difference in the gameplay because both are same game but the name of the game is difference and something wired is  different I will say below.


Both of this game have same sensitivity settings but,  when I played game for peace in that game for peace the sensitivity is lighter and smoother very fast better than Global version of pubg mobile.  I couldn’t believe that the both game are same but the sensitivity really matters in all the game as you know in game for peace the sensitivity is little bit different,  but makes a big difference while you’re playing.


The user interface in this game is completely different!  like I will say in game for peace user interface is completely then pubg mobile Global version.  because game for peace is only made for China people and in China so there you cant able  to change the language in the game,  there is a only default language available in game for peace that is called  Chinese language.

But the layout settings,  some interface,  home interface,  inventory, the total interface is different from global version.

Tutorial Video:

So guys if you want difference between the both of the game in a video or in a particular YouTube video you can check out this video!

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