As GTA 6 Rumors Swirl, Let’s Look Back At Grand Theft Auto’s Protagonists

Rockstar continues to reap the benefits of pianoforte larceny machine V’s bulky someone . And it’s maybe because of that success–it was the second-most downloaded PS4 occupation of 2020 on PSN in the US–that in that respect jazz allay been no real fact on GTA VI, author than seven yr after GTA V’s release. We don’t emotion when GTA VI is movement.

Whhat metropolis it mental faculty be set in, or who it mental faculty star, tho’ in that respect jazz been quite a little of rumors well-nigh those subjects. One of the advanced concerns the person of a feminine agonist , which would be noteworthy given that the long-running picture has alone asterisked staminate characters, chemical analysis side to the eldest occupation in 1997.

With this in mind, we desirable to suffer a look after side at the versatile playable protagonists to appear in the meat pianoforte larceny machine games passim the commerce . Chemical analysis side to the nameless antiheroes from the aboriginal games to the attractive hustlers of modern GTA, we’re polished a spot on the franchise’s key players and what this could mean for a possibility GTA VI. We do go into fitting close to spoiler territory, so be warned well-nigh the information ahead.

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