Advanced Tips + Tricks For Close Range Fights In Fortnite! – Fortnite Aim + Building + Edit Tips

Hey what is going on guys, in this Post today we’re gonna be going over a few different advanced tips for close range engagement in Fortnite. 

Now, my thoughts on “advanced tips ” or “advanced techniques” that helpful. Especially some of the crazy advanced buildingand high ground techniques I’ve seen in various video. Are they really cool to watch? Absolutely. But a lot of those tips are so advanced thatthe average player or even above average player, really has no chance to truly master them. So what I tried to do with the advanced tipsin this video is to definitely make them advanced, but at the same time, try to keep them assimple as possible. 

I know that doesn’t really make a TON of sensewhen I say it like that, but I think you guys will understand what I mean when you see them. And, I truly believe that even though thetips are advanced and situational in nature, with a little bit of practice really anyonecould be able to master them. So, without further ado let’s get right intoit. Alright, so i’ve purposely arranged thesetips in order from simplest to most advanced, but I think they’re all pretty close to equalin that regard anyway. 

The first tip we’re gonna cover is a reallypowerful, relatively simple, and super underused counter for when you get ramped over in anykind of build fight. What the majority of players will do whenthey know they’re about to get ramped over, is try to place a pyramid on top of the opponentsramp to block them, and then surround them with walls to put them in a box. From there you can either make some kind ofan edit play, or the more common thing people do is try to place traps on the walls. I’m not saying this is a bad technique becauseI honestly do it all the time myself. It’s simple, it’s been around forever, andit’s really effective against the majority of players. 

But it also does have it’s fair share of downfalls. First off, this techniques has been aroundfor a while now, so the vast majority of players, and especially good players are gonna know how to counter it. 

That means sometimes you’ll go to place yourcone, and you’ll end up getting coned yourself, or you’ll get edited down on, or you’ll justsimply get out-shotgunned if it turns into a point blank fight inside the box. Plus, for the cone and box strategy to bemost effective, you’re gonna need multiple traps, which definitely can be problem especiallyearly in games. So, not a bad technique by any means, butthere is a decent amount of risk with it. So let me show you guys a clip of anotheroption that I personally think is just as good if not better. And for all of these clips I’m gonna showwhat its gonna look like from your point of view, and also what it’s gonna look like fromthe enemy’s point of view….So as you just saw, instead of placing a pyramid to stopyour opponent, and then trying to box them, you simply place a wall to block them fromcontinuing to ramp up. 

Your enemy definitely won’t be expecting it,and it’ll take them a second to calculate their next move once it happens. With that, you should have more than enoughtime to easily take high ground which will give you every advantage in the fight. I think it’s a pretty easy technique to execute,but also incredibly powerful when done correctly. And here’s another quick clip of it. Next up, we have a really powerful advancedtip for killing an enemy in a 1×1 once you’ve gained control of one of their walls. What most people will do in that situationis go for a simple window, corner, or top row edit, and then get a shotgun shot off. Again, definitely not a bad idea, and I personallydo that all the time, but there is some risk there. Once you take someones wall, what some playerswill do is track you with their shotgun crosshair, and wait for you to open the wall with youredit. Once you do that, it’s pretty much a 50/50shotgun fight at that point, which I’m sure we all know can be pretty hit or miss a lotof the time. So, let me show you guys an interesting littlealternative that I personally use in a lot of situations. 

Try to pay attention to what happens in theclip, and I’ll be back in about 25 seconds to explain it…Alright so here’s what happenedthere. I started off by making the typical corneredit that most people would make in that situation. But, I knew that my opponent was gonna beexpecting that, and he was going to shoot as soon as it happened. So after making the edit, I immediately resetit. What that does is it leaves the wall at rightaround 50 health, so when that opponent takes the shotgun shot trying to hit you, he hitsthe wall instead and actually ends up breaking it. 

Then once that happens, you can get a shotoff with nothing in your way before he even has the opportunity to shoot again. And if you don’t kill him with the first shot,simply place your own wall, and then do a simple edit or repeat that same techniqueagain. Here’s another good example where I actuallydo that technique 3 times in a row. Moving on, we have a cool little advancedtip for dealing with players who are behind one of your ramps. This probably most commonly happens when youbox someone who you’ve ramped over, but there’s a lot of different ways you’ll find yourselfin this situation. Much like when you take someone’s wall, whata lot of people will do when you have your ramp between you and them, is they’ll trackyou through it with their shotgun and wait for you to make an edit. 

And I’d say it’s even easier for them to dothat when it’s a ramp compared to a wall, because you’re a lot more limited on the typeof edits you can do. Really the only one that the majority of peopleare comfortable with is cutting the ramp in half and then talking the 50/50 shotgun fight. Here’s another really simple and super effectiveoption for this situation. It will confuse the heck out of your opponent,and give you a very easy opportunity for a kill…So as you saw there, by flipping theramp, since you’re opponents body is initially inside of it, you’re able to shoot throughit. But, from your enemy’s point of view, whatthey see is what appears to be a normal ramp blocking their shot. It’s simply a really easy shot to hit thatyour enemy won’t be expecting because they think the ramp is still protecting them. And what most people will do after they gethit the first time is become startled and jump backwards. What that will do is it’ll make the ramp gofrom shoot-throughable to not shoot-throughable. That’s definitely not the official term forthat but hey let’s go with it. At that point they’ll be so confused aboutwhat just happened to them, and how you managed to hit them even though there was a ramp intheir face, that all it should take is a simple ramp edit to finish them off. Or, when the situation occurs in a box withno roof on it like in the clip I just showed you guys, you can just ramp up one or twolevels to the side, and kill them from a nice little high ground head glitch. So here’s another clip where you can see itin action again. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video andif you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the commentsection below. I wanna do more advanced tip videos like thisin the future so I wanna know, did you guys think these tips were a little too advanced,not advanced enough, or pretty much just right. Whatever feedback you give, I’ll be sure touse in future advanced tip videos like this. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want. And I, will catch you guys next time! 

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