PUBG Mobile: Season 15 [LEAKS] Rose Moon Dacia Skin And Update 1.0

PUBG Mobile has delivered two short sneak reviews of the new Erangel update that precedes PUBG Mobile season 15. The update goes ahead September 8, 2020. Peruse on to find out about the Leaks. 

A subsequent review was tweeted by PUBG Mobile on August 30 for the new Erangel update going ahead September 8. 

PUBG Mobile update for 1.0 will show up on September 8 as the trailer and most recent tweet from PUBG expressed. The most anticipated Erangel 2.0 guide is around the bend and it’s showing up before Season 15. 

Another weapon called M1014 is additionally expected to be added to it. Changes in building plans will be done in zones like Prison, Quarry, and others. Taking a gander at these sneak peaks, relinquished tanks, blockades, channels will likewise be added to the guide. 

PUBG Mobile Skins Leaked:

Rose Moon Dacia Skin – The principal skin spilled by information diggers is the Rose shading Dacia, otherwise called ‘Rose Moon Dacia’. A moon image can likewise be seen on it. Players can open it at level 20 of Season 15 Royal Pass. 

M762 Beryl skin This M762 Beryl skin will be in the free form of Season 15 Royale Pass. It is hued dark and yellow which makes it look strong and appealing. This skin will be accessible at level 50. 

Kar98k Skin – This Kar98 skin accompanies a blue hued lace folded all around the weapon with a dark shading base. It is the most extraordinary prize in the Royale Pass. The name of the skin hasn’t been uncovered at this point however it was seen in PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 beta rendition. 

Pubg Mobile New Character and Lobby: 

PUBG Mobile season 15 will have another occasion called the “Expert association mission” in which players should complete errands to open prizes. One of the spilled prizes will be another “JEDI” character. Another Halloween anteroom will likewise be included Season 15. 

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Outfits: 

Season 15’s outfits may be an upgradable one. There are right now 4 outfits spilled for a similar which will be the 4 degrees of outfits that players can open as they level up in the Royale Pass. First class Pass Holders can access an exceptional symbol in the event that they buy UC. Take at a gander at them in this video underneath.

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