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In this article post, you’ll find THE Best Realistic GTA 4 graphics mod for pc. GTA 4 is still a popular game out there, and it is still loved by all GTA fans

So I was browsing Metacritic the other day ’cause apparently, that’s what I fuckin do for fun and I thought that I could make my boys night out even more fun by checking out what the highest-rated games of all time are. What I found was about what I expected – you know games like Ocarina of time and THPS2 leading the onslaught of swords and dick flips respectively of course, but I was surprised to see Grand Theft Auto IV sitting at third place – of all time. Now this is a very subjective thing to discuss because not only does everyone have their own beautiful hot boy opinion but people often view the all time rating differently. Do you judge by how innovative and impressive it was at the time or how well it holds up to this day? I personally usually go by the second option if people ask me that loaded ass question because I feel like it’s a much more straightforward way of figuring out what your favorite games are. Basically if I’m sitting down to play a game And I have every game of all time available in front of me It’s likely that I would still choose to shred with my boy T. Hawk.
But can I say the same thing for GTA IV hot boy? Does this game still deserve the high praise eighth grade Jakey gave it? Is it maybe possible that all of the perfect tens were influenced by hype and excitement HOLY SHIT IS PICCOLO GONNA SUPPLEX GOHON ON THE NEXT EPISODE?! Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Man, I remember the atmosphere of GTA IV being immersive as shit – the unique warm look of the lighting and shadows, the way the Sunrise looks with the light blues and greens This hot boy from the midwest would get fuckin lost in the city Home Alone 2 style I’m happy to say that most of that remains true to this day. At times the color palette can seem a little overwhelming with all the browns and grays and shit, but GTA IV’s unique look is still enjoyable not because it’s super realistic but because it maintains a signature look that really makes this version of Liberty City feel like it could exist somewhere Not all of the textures look Amazing to this day, and you know not every character model looks like a fucking Spice Girl But overall the presentation of this game still really impresses me. 
I remember absolutely loving the more realistic approach to driving GTA IV took I recall even reading a review back in eighth grade that it compared it to Forza on the Xbox and then playing it and being like Oh, man, I think that guy’s so right. It’s so realistic. No. Definitely not like Forza. I can still appreciate the direction Rockstar was trying to go in but a good majority of vehicles In GTA IV feel like you’re driving in the lead performance of Disney’s dumpsters on ice. The motorcycles seriously feel like Every time you try to get on one a bunch of dudes runs up And they’re like no hold on a second. Uh, we gotta rub all of this butter all over your tires, okay, all right, you’re all buttered up You’re good to go. Driveaway If you fucking can! not only do the vehicles lose traction super easily But it’s like the turning radius of all of the cars was just chopped in half Like you know those shitty ass video game steering wheels you could get back in the day for PS2 that only turned like 90 degrees both ways? Yeah. 
It’s like all the cars in here had Xzibit and his Pimp my Ride crew learn how to mod and then they went in and then They did it to all the cars and then Rockstar was like “Why’d you do that?”, and then they’re like “Oh it makes the driving better”, and then Rockstar was like “Okay, cool… Also, I love your verse in What’s the Difference… It’s tight… Five bank accounts, two ounces, and two vehicles… fucking sweet” This joke has gone on way too long I mean the driving isn’t all bad though I still love the ridiculous physics when you launch off of jumps or just a fucking curb And I love that the vehicles actually take heavy damage from collisions in this game. Getting launched off of your bike head-on or bailing out of a flaming vehicle can still provide some of the series’ most entertaining moments But the car chases and the tight turns are a lot less fun when your car feels like a fucking bar of soap. 
I don’t know. I mean. I still love it in some ways, but I got to give this one to Nostalgia The third-person shooting cover system addition to Grand Theft Auto IV had young prepubescent Jakey popping boners all over the place. Driving a car into some bad shit hopping out taking cover behind my slick ass ice dumpster it all felt awesome While controlling Nico and doing all this is still adequate Nico’s movement and the animations can feel incredibly sluggish at times And this is only worsened when you’re trying to get in and out of cover. The ragdoll physics Still make shooting Dang-o-Tangs feel really solid and punchy though But swapping weapons is a lot more troublesome than I remember. 
Not only is having to use the D-Pad to swap weapons mid-combat inconvenient as fuck because you’re taking your thumb off of the control stick but Nico also really likes to take his time sometimes. Maybe I can’t give him shit though. I mean, I’m not hauling a bunch of rockets stuffed inside my fucking tracksuit. I don’t know, combat is still okay. We’ll give this one to TrueStalgia style Alright little hot boy, so this part along with the whole video is obviously incredibly subjective. If you absolutely love this story, I can’t and will never try to take that away from you. But, for me, while the premise is still intriguing and the backstory of Nico can still be kind of compelling replaying this game at an older age exposed me to Rockstar’s biggest problem: They want to give you an open-world to raise hell But they got to give you their fucking movie-like story too. It’s like the open world and the missions are two separate games. Very seldom do they acknowledge each other in gameplay or dialogue. 
And it feels very restrictive compared to its potential. Far Cry 3 is a “far cry” from a perfect game, but at least the game tried a little bit to tie in your love for violence in the open-world into the narrative. Undertale is an even better example. A game where how you play dramatically affects the character’s behavior towards you in the overall outcome of the story. Games can be more interesting than movies in their storytelling with their complex systems of choice and circumstance but the extreme linearity of the majority of Grand Theft Auto’s missions with stupid tailing missions and scripted chases and the boring combat encounters – it’s like, they just don’t really do it for me anymore. 
I think Niko is a fantastic idea for a character worth exploring But if Rockstar wants to tell his story like a movie, he deserves a better movie. My goal with this video and I don’t know maybe this series of it if I do a fucking series on it, isn’t to just shit on highly reviewed games I remember loving but to just try and offer a fresh honest look at games that I remember loving but seldom revisit. Grand Theft Auto IV is far from a bad game, and I’ll still probably go back and have some fun in it But in my book, it is far from a perfect 10 What do you think? Do you disagree? Explain why. Start a discussion with your friends. 
Question your favorite games. Always be a hot boy gamer girl Thank you for watching this video, and I just want to say other special Thanks to all the hot boys that have been supporting me on Patreon you’ve seriously changed my life in a way that’s allowing me to continue to make these videos for me, but also for you. Um. Just yeah, I-I really mean it. Thank you. 
The Most important thing you came here is The requirements of the Game! Check it out below
  • Ram Memory: 1.5GB
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz – AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz is Needed to Run the Gameplay Perfectly
  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Higher
  • GPU: 256MB Nvidia 7900/256MB ATI X1900 
  • Hard Drive: 14GB of Hard Disk Space 
  • Direct x Version – DirectX 9.0 is Enough
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