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    Hello guys today in this article I will be giving you GTA 5 for PC in highly compressed which is over 100 MB you can easily download it and play it on your PC without any error, if you get some error please email us at

I know that many of them want to play this game because this game is legendary game and it cant able to download many people it because the game of the size is large it seems very large as around 100GB

So today I will give you this game in only just 100 MB. I am not kidding now many of will say that this is fake, it’s not fake believe me if you need to run this game on your PC you must install the recommended software which is given below and if your PC doesn’t suit the requirements of the game then the game will won’t work on your PC some error will perfectly you will get if you have low specifications as well as your PC does not require Minimum requirements of this game

So if this game is not working on your PC and getting some error then you can Email us if you get error like dll error and some common error which is faced by many people while installing the game even while installing the original game 35GB, So I am not responsible for that as it is experimental file so you can try in your PC

First of all if you don’t know how to open my links and download the game you can read the steps how to open my links, if you don’t know why we are using this type of links, it’s because if I get many traffic in the download page the server will be down and the link will be get damage ,that’s why we use this type of links to protect the link

I am saying it again that if your PC doesn’t meet Minimum requirements of this came Then you cant able to play this game on your PC the recommended softwares and the recommended requirements are 4GB RAM minimum, if you have 2GB you can try on your PC but if it is not working means then and you does not have in Minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements to Play this Game:

  • Must have 4GB Ram (You can try in 2GB RAM)
  • Processor 2.5Ghz, If it is Low then you try it in your PC
  • All Runtimes to Run the Game [DirectX – VCRedist]

How to Open MY Links:

  • Click on The Link
  • Then A Page will Open, Just Verify the Captcha 
  • Scroll Down and Click Continue
  • A Page will open, Wait for 10 Seconds and Click on GET LINK
  • We use this Links to Maintain The Problem of Server Down
  • Download DirectX to Run the GAME Without Any Error

Providing PC Games for Free on Youtube is Against Youtube, So i’m not Providing Highly Compressed Games on Youtube, So i’m Providing for you guys here

How to Install GTA 5 [100MB] Lite Edition:

  • First Download Lite Edition Below
  • Then Extract it.
  • Password is Given Below
  • Create a Folder Name as GTA 5 and Extract Everything in that Folder
  • Now Click on LaunchGTAV and Enjoy
  • If you get error means, Change the Compability settings and Try it
  • Enjoy

Softwares Which will Prevent Errors:

    Download GTA 5 Lite Edition [100MB]:

    If your Game Doesnt Work on Your Requirements, Please Try this Patch to Fix some Simple and Common error.

    How to Install Patch:

    • Extract Patch file
    • Copy everything and Paste it in GTA 5 Folder


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