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GTa 3 was released in 2001 adventure action game which is published by Rockstar and created and developed by DMA Design. This game is closely based on New York city (e Liberty City) which came became the best-selling game in 2001. I love this game very much because I used to play this game in my childhood when I was 10 years old or something like that literally whenever I play this game even still now I am also playing this game completing the missions before did I did when I was younger. Completing the same machines which will really e thinking about that day olden days

hey Everyone today in this article I will talk about GTA 3 how to download GTA 3 rage mode on your PC, guys let me explain to you won’t believe that this mode will totally be going to change your GT3 like GTA V.

What is the RAGE Mod of GTA3:

The rage Mod of GTA 3 is especially to enhance the GTA 3 graphics, textures, physics, etc, it will totally change the entire GTA 3 and it will look similar to GTA 5 as most of the people requested me and as most of the people searching on YouTube on searching on Google that how to enhance the graphics of GTA III and I couldn’t literally believe that most of the people playing this game in this 2020 also.

It’s because literally this game is amazing and the story of this game is very amazing good and the game is literally like popular as you know all of the GTA games are popular, like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA 3, GTA 4 and 5.

Ok, let’s talk about the Minimum requirements of this graphics Mod to play this GTA 3 graphics mode on your computer or laptop anything you have.


  •     You need 2GB of RAM
  •     Intel Pentium processor is enough to pleasures graphics Mod on your PC or laptop
  •     And the most important thing is you need GTA 4 to install this Rage graphics mod



How to install this mod?

If you don’t know how to install this mode you can search it on Google or youTube ” GTA 3 RAGE Mod gamtrex ” yes that’s actually me I just show people how to install this graphics Mod on a low-end PC and I got some good views on that video you can also check it out if you just Knew You Were Here.
Information about Graphics RAGE MOD of GTA III:

GTA 3 Rage Mod is a Best MOD For GTA 3 To Play in 2020, GTA 3 Graphics is Very OLD Graphics, SO Many of them are not playing this GAME IN 2020, Well, We are here to Provide GTA 3 Rage MOD For your LOW-END PC

You Must Need GTA 4 To PLAY this RAGE Mod in GTA 3

GTA 3 Game was released in 2003 by Rockstar North, It is released before GTA Vice City as GTA Vice City has very much improved than GTA 3, GTA 3 Story and Missions are Cool and Awesome. Well, The Story of the GTA 3 is Well Fantastic

To Download this MOD In your PC You must watch the Installation Tutoria which will be given below. And You must have Installed DirectX And VCRedist to Run The Game without any Error


Features of this MOD:


    Enhanced Graphics
    Must Need GTA 4 To Run this MOD
    Car Reflection improved
    Ragdoll physics Installed in GTA 3
    Character Movements are Changed and Improved





How to Open My Links and Download the Game MOD:


  1.     First Click on Verify
  2.     Then A Page will Open, Just Verify the Captcha
  3.     Scroll Down and Click Continue
  4.     A Page will open, Wait for 10 Seconds and Click on GET LINK
  5.     We use this Links to Maintain The Problem of Server Down
  6.     Download DirectX to Run the GAME Without Any Error



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