GTA V for PC (225MB) Without Parts | Install GTA 5 For PC!

 GTA 5 is the Mark Wahlberg of video games. The graphics are *dramatic noise* The driving is *dramatic sound 2* The shooting is like *quack* *quack quack quack quack quack quack* The Franklin is like the Steve Urkel of Grand Theft Auto. The Trevor is like the Jack Nicholson of Grand Theft Urkel. Trevor: “Oh my N-word, eh-ha-ha? “Wassup homie. The main character is played by Michael. His wife is a big whore, but don’t tell Charline I said that. The game’s career mode rip’s off of Payday: The Heist, you play as 3 musketeers and rob 5 banks, so that you can buy 10 cars on your phone, instead of just hitting the “Y” button like everybody else. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a remake of Wave Race 64. Turns out the FBI’s witness protection program is actually a diabolical pyramid scheme to suck their criminals into doing infinity suicide missions for some cowabunga dumbass. The whole game Michael goes: “Okay, I’ll do this one last mission for you guys, but then I’m out of the game for goo-” “Michael, I’m pulling you out of retirement for one last job.” “Okay, I’ll do this one last mission but then I’m go- Okay, I’ll do this one more, this one last mi- Okay, this one just one last mission and then I’m done, I’m out of the game for go- Okay, I’ll do this one more mission for you guys, but after thi- Okay, this really Really on this one, this is gotta be the last one and then I’m out of the game for goo-” Trevor: “Mr. Chen, please sir, if you will!” Grand Theft Auto 4 is real life. Whenever you steal a black guy’s car he’s listening to rap, whenever you steal a mexican guy’s he’s listenin’ to fuckin’ *dunkey singing* Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a remake of Pilot Wings 64. Point of the game is to teach impressionable children how to gun down droves of innocent civilians. Whenever you play as Franklin you always have 5 stars for doing nothing. They only have songs about California in this game, unless you go to the classic rock, all you hear on there is radio [Radio Ga Ga – Queen] Radio wee wee Radio poo poo *more singing* And then it goes: [Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – Elton John] *even more singing* The framerate dips when you go in the submarine if you see what I’m saying. It also sucks balls whenever you get into a shootout, uhh, you have to use autoaim, because you can’t have nice graphics like this on Jurassic Xbox, but even still, GTA V is the best single player game I’ve played in years.

Minimum Requirements to Play this Game:

  • Must have 4GB Ram (You can try in 2GB RAM)
  • Processor 2.5Ghz, If it is Low then you try it in your PC
  • All Runtimes to Run the Game [DirectX – VCRedist]

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  • Download DirectX to Run the GAME Without Any Error
Providing PC Games for Free on Youtube is Against Youtube, So i’m not Providing Highly Compressed Games on Youtube, So i’m Providing for you guys here

Softwares Which will Prevent Errors:


Password (GTA 5 Repack): games4k@lollyrepack

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