How to Fix Game Application 0xc000142 Error in PC | Fix PC Games Errors

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Many of them told me that they get one error in GTA 5 (Application 0xc000142) Error in pc.
So Today in this article I will show you how to fix that error. This is not only for GTA 5 Game, But this error also comes in most of the pc games for many people who are suffering from this error and asking me to solve this problem and make a post on that. So Here I make you a post about how to fix that error in GTA 5 and other pc games, but most of the people getting this error in GTA 5 only. So today I’ll Say you Why this error comes and how to fix that! With various Steps!

Why This Error Comes?

  • This Error Comes If you haven’t install Direct X On your Pc.
  • This Error Comes If you Have Not Installed all the Recommended files to run the game.
  • This Error Comes If you Have Not Installed All In One Runtime On your PC.
  • This Error Comes If you have not installed Microsoft visuall c++ on your pc.
  • This Error Comes If you have not installed the NET framework for your pc.

Softwares Which will Prevent Errors:

How To Fix This Error:

Step 1: (Download DLL File And Paste It To Gta 5 Root Folder)

  1.  Make Sure To Download This DLL Files and Paste it on GTA 5 Root folder. (DLL File)
  2. After Downloading DLL File paste it on Gta 5 root folder (Game Folder) Directly.
  3. That’s it! Your Game will Run Successfully. If you still Got any problem? Try Other Steps.

(If You Get Trouble From Installing the DLL files)

  • Click On that Click
  • You Must Subscribe the channel to Unlock The Link (Subscribe Button is on Link)
  • You will be Redirect to GpLinks
  • Click on Verify
  • Scroll Down and Verify the Captcha and click on continue
  • Now click on get link. that’s all you can download the file

Step 2: (Run The Compatibility Mode)

  1. Right Click On the Gta5launcher application and Click on properties.
  2. In Tab Section There You will see Compatibility Tab just Click on that!
  3. Now Change the Compatibility Mode to Windows 7 or 8 (Depends on System OS)
  4. And Check the Run as Administration (Tick that) And Click on Apply and Ok.
  5. That’s it. Now your game will run successfully. If you still got any problems means Try This last Step.

Step 3: (Reinstall The Game)

  1. Just Reinstall the Game Again and Again 2 or 3 times. Because First Time Installation May cause errors so try again installation.
  2. Your Game will Now Ready to Play.

Step 4: (GTA 5 Application File)

  1. Download The Gta 5 Application Fix File which 100% Prevents You from that Error. Download That Fixes File.
  2. After Downloading Paste That All Crack files into the GTA 5 Root Folder Directly To run the game without any error.

If You Still Got Error Means Get a Solution From Google or Maybe that is your PC Operating System Problem Maybe Your OS is not Installed Correctly That’s Why You Face That Problem!

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